aisa desh hai mera!

my village

Karwat leti nisha ne mujhse
subah ka raasta poochha,
ki hai kahan wo savera
jahan koi nahi andhera,
hai kahan wo khushboo nirali,
jaise os ki boondein hui deewani,
hai kahan wo aangan,
jahan gungunate hai sawan..

Maine hass ke raat ko bola,
aaja mere gaon tujhe
main savera dikhata hoon,
mitti ki saundhi si khushboo mein
aa tujhe nehlaata hoon,
aur uss pagli badri se bhi milwata hoon,
jo aangan pe raah dekhti hai us uday ka,
jo har din ek naya sa laata hai,
kabhi rulata aur haan kabhi hasata hai,
par fir bhi tere jaane ke baad, o nisha,
humesha iss gaon wapas laut hi aata hai…


13 thoughts on “aisa desh hai mera!

  1. Unfortunately I do not understand the language, as in read or speak it, so unless you can send an English version your creation is wasted on me. Sorry about thhis. Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • I had some problems posting my comment on your blog, so I am copy-pasting it here –

      Hi neelkanth 🙂
      I’ll drop in some points of review

      1. add some photos, it’ll make the post more lively and colourful.
      2. your Technorati Tags of “satyawan” and “karwachauth” does not exist
      3. when you start narrating the mythological stories, start a new para, it’ll again make the post more charming 😉

      I’ll re-visit in a few days to see if you inculcated any of the above points 😉

      and last but not the least, its an interesting post and described very precisely, well done 🙂

  2. I’m afraid I’m like the other guy. I don’t have a translator yet or haven’t discover if I have one, so I don’t understand. The like is for the fact that you write and I’m sure it’s wonderful.

    • You’re generous Keli, thank you for liking and dropping by and commenting too!
      Like I replied to “the other guy”, the translations don’t appeal me (at all) as the effect and charm of certain words is lost.
      So thank you for being a constant support..!
      Have a good day!

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