nicknamed “sunshine” and receiving the “Sunshine Award” :D

Well, its different to be nicknamed “Sunshine” and an absolute different (overwhelming) feeling to be nominated for “Sunshine Award” for my blog.

I got this award on 12/12/12 😉 But owing to my hectic schedule, I decided to wait a while and accept this award a little later. So here we are today. Me and my another blog award!!!

Firstly, the rules and regulations-

1. Thank the nominator 

So thank you Arindam Saha for this honor. He won this award and decided to pass it on to me. You can check his blog out here.

 2. Add award logo 


 3. Answer the questions 

Comics or Fiction ?

Fiction- its more closer to reality than cartoons in comics.

Trekking or Swimming ?

Neither. I am asthmatic – climbing 25 stairs in a go is difficult for me- so trekking is out of question. And I don’t know how to swim- I tried, but the story as to why I dint succeed is a long one.

Sweet or spicy ?

Not too sweet, nor too spicy.

Sunset  or Sunrise?

Both. Its the beauty of nature that we have such scenic timings every freaking day.

Comedy or Classic?

Comedy. In this boring-dull-monotonous-daily life laughter adds up moments in our living.

Silence or Noisy?

Silence. Its any day better.

Winter or Summer ?


Mountain Sight  or Beach Sight ?


Cooking or cleaning ?

Cooking. Cooking. and Cooking again. Then maybe cleaning.

Chicken or Fish ?

I adore both of them. Chickens are cute the way they walk and run around. And fishes are just spectacular…they got fins 😀

Cheese or butter ?

BOTH. (Yummmmmm……..)

 4. Nominate them further 

* (this site is dedicated to creative poetry aimed at changing the world)

* (Realising the truth…)

* (thoughts, shadows, reflections)

* (One sees clearly only with the heart.The essential is invisible to the eye.)

Do spare a few minutes from your busy life and check these out.

My hearty congratulations to all. Enjoy. And HAPPY NEW YEAR. 

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