Remember Remember?

Aaj bhi tere hothon ki nami yaad hai ! images

Tere haathon mein mere haath,
Aur unki hulchul yaad hai..

Tere saanson ki awaz yaad hai,
Aur unki meri saanso se hui takrahat yaad hai..

Tera naam leti mujhe meri dhadkan yaad hai,
Aur mujhse lipti teri baahein yaad hain..

Meri aankhon mein jhankti teri aankhein yaad hain,
Aur wo dono ke beech sulagti aag yaad hai..

Raat bhar tujhse chipki meri rooh yaad hai,
Aur tujhmein ghulti meri shakshiyat yaad hai..


# Fight your Battle #


Face those fears
Kill those demons
You are better than
What you think you are..

Pull yourself up
Try to find a faith
Only you can find and push 
Yourselves to a limit..

Dont depend on an angel
Dont wait for a miracle
Nothing ever happens to
Someone with a common man fate..

Find your cause
Change your path
There is only so much you can
Achieve going on this way!

It may be small
But you have your own destiny
A reason you’re still breathing
A reason you don’t know..

Stop making excuses
Stop finding faults in others
Peep inside and see what you got
And what you can make out of it..

Unless you fight the evil
You’ll be thriving on its venom
But again and again you got to try
Don’t give up and never cry!

My cup of “T”


Today I am scared
Towing my dreams
Towards the future
Tampering with my feelings and
Testing the mighty nature
Tonight I might not succeed
Take another plan next day, maybe
Then play with the rules
Try they might
To stop me, again, but
Tomorrow I will get back up
Trust my instincts
Try my luck
Tease the fate because
Truth shall prevail..


Moving On…

move on

Time went on and
so did I
finally gloomy winds
said a good-bye..

The sun rose
and shined with glory
life started to write
yet another story..

The breeze promised me
that the waters will be calm
dreams went on
holding future in my palm..

I saw the moon
which gave me solace
and I walked ahead
to a bright new place..

moving on

Galileo – The Goon (by my teenage brother)

As a dedication to my brother who turns 15 today, taking a break from A-Z, to publish a poem written by him recently..


Decades and decades ago,

In a country far, far away.

There lived a boy named Galileo,

Dead whose future lay.

Arithmetic, literature flew over his head,

Teaching sports was in vain.

He couldn’t differentiate art from scribbles,

What good was his brain?

Standing on a lonely bridge,

One day, he did discover-

That two stones reached the bottom at the same time,

Their mass may be whatever.

Galileo was puzzled,

His curiosity was aroused.

The incidence ignited a fire,

Too bright to be doused.

His answers opened the gates,

To a world that was new.

Once a bumbling boy,

Now rose to the ranks of the distinguished few.

After all, Galileo was talented,

He had a curious mind and a burning passion.

He questioned the world he saw,

Rather than accepting the old-fashioned.

So my fellow fools, I urge you all,

To question everything prevailing.

Follow the wise principle-

‘Stay foolish, Stay craving’


By Mr. Chirag Vashist

My dear brother who insisted I append a “Mr” before of his name 😀 😀

a walk to remember !

  walk to rememberI take my wallet
I pick up my shawl
I wear my walking shoes
I decide to take a stroll
I walk ahead
And take the right turn
I walk on da dirty streets
The big bungalows make me burn
With envy and greed
To want more and more
As if I could own an ocean
And never return to the shore
I take the next turn
I see the busy market
Vendors in the mood
To sell out all the packets
I see the kids playing
Riding their favourite bikes
And housewives dressed to impress
But talking about price hikes
I smile and walk some more
Locate some places of worship
Wonder if I should pay my respects
Or make a quick exit.
I walk some more
And hear some wedding bells
Turn the other way round
To avoid an encounter with hell.
I see the sun setting down
Behind the biggest hill
I wish I could walk some more
Or better, never to go against my will
To walk away from this world
To run away while I can
Before they turn to me
To change me from who I am!

Indian Republic Day special

saluting the heroes


Hai salaam har us jazbe ko
Jeet kayi jisne dilwai hai
Seema par chhati taan khade hue
Jab jab mushkil aayi hai..

Na sard khawaon se jhuke ho tum
na registaan ki mitti ne tumhe jhukaya hai
Jab jab desh dagmagaya apni jadon se
Ye tiranga tumne ooncha lehraya hai

indian army2

Apni maa se ek fauji jawan ne
Jitna putra prem paaya hai
Usse kayi zyada bharat maa ko
Wohi prem bhav lautaya hai..

Na firk rahi tumhe aur kisi rishte ki
Is bandhan ko sabse uncha tumne maana hai
Diya lahu uss mitti ko
Jiski mamta ne paala posa aur sehlaya hai..

indian army

Dushaman se ladte ladte
Tumne laashon ka dher lagaya hai
Amar jyoti jali tumhare naam ki
Bacche bacche n tumhara kissa sunaya hai..

O desh pe mar mitne waalon
Tumhe na kisi ne bhulaya hai
Tumhari veer gati ne hi
Ye jhanda uncha lehraya hai
Ye jhanda uncha lehraya hai..

indian army3