That very memory
Still remains in my heart
One beautiful swing in front
Of my yard
Nights used to pass in the thought
of sneaking out…
Days were full of prayers
That dusk doesn’t fall..
All day long, one wish
Used to overcome other, 
the ability to run over to the Swing…

 It was never attractive
In appearance
But, yes, I had a
Personal attachment towards it..
I had seen many others,
Rode several others,
But this one had some special vibes,
special feeling I can’t define
I could never wait enough
For my turn to come…

That overwhelming joy,
That ecstasy, after sitting in..
It goes up & I felt like
Touching the sky,
achieving everything 
I desire- I really want..
Such enthusiasm, such inspiration,
What a feeling!!
Then it descends
Slowly and steadily,
In a similar pendulum motion
Just like life has ups & downs..
The sorrow, the bliss
*Just like LIFE!!!*
And this descend
Giving a hope of the heights,
A heart to accept both ups & downs
with the same feeling & wide arms!!

I wonder, that rope & log of wood
taught me so much in life for yrs to come!!!

# written 13 years ago!

26 thoughts on “

  1. What a wonderfully descriptive account of being a child and learning. Life does have ups and downs but we just have to remember that, just like the swing, we can make it go up again. Beautiful poem!

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  3. Thanks for putting into words what so many of us feel about swings. I think we never outgrow our love of the swing, whether or not we will admit it! When our son (who was born with mulitple disabilities) was young, his occupational therapist told us that swinging was great for children with sensory processing deficits. We found it to be a calming activity for him. There are all kinds of scientific explanations for this but to me it made sense on an intuitive level; it’s why almost everyone loves it!

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