Bas tu mil jae toh zindagi so kuchh shikayatein kam hongi,
Kuchh zakhm bhar jayenge,
Kuchh rihayatein hongi..

Par soch le tu bas pyar hi hai mere paas tujhe dene ko,
Zamane se puchh,
Isse zyada kuchh zarurate aur hongi..

Humsafar hone ka wada maine kar liya hai,
Par mere wadon se badi teri ummeedein aur hongi..

With (out)?


Some may say
A rose can turn blue,
A race can start without a cue,
A mystery can run without a clue,
A winter morning can be without dew.
Israel can be without a Jew,
Cat can speak without its mew,
A bride can marry without something new,

But baby I only wish you knew
There is no me without you!

If, it is.


If all my lies could come true
They would only speak through you!

If all my sins could dissolve
With your love a flower would evolve!

If all my tears could dry
They would become pearls when you try!

If all my frowns could go away
They would only do, to make your way!

If all my pains could weight out
They would only be when you shout out!

If all my scars could disappear today,
They would only listen to you, hey!

So don’t you ever leave me behind
Cuz without you I am lost in darkness unkind.

Could I – Should I


Could I be entangled with you,
Like your fingers in the locks of my hair?

Or be engrossed in you,
Like your eyes in my stare?

Or be playful with you,
Like that smile on your lips?

Or maybe plunge in your warmth,
When you wrap your arms around my hips!

Oh! could I dive in your love,
Like a bird thirsty from far and above!

Or sink in those passionate vibes
Which we both try to hide?

Ah! Can I stay lost in my dreams,
Where rosy bed does blossom it seems..

Or be a part of your body and soul
To become one as a whole.

Remember Remember?

Aaj bhi tere hothon ki nami yaad hai ! images

Tere haathon mein mere haath,
Aur unki hulchul yaad hai..

Tere saanson ki awaz yaad hai,
Aur unki meri saanso se hui takrahat yaad hai..

Tera naam leti mujhe meri dhadkan yaad hai,
Aur mujhse lipti teri baahein yaad hain..

Meri aankhon mein jhankti teri aankhein yaad hain,
Aur wo dono ke beech sulagti aag yaad hai..

Raat bhar tujhse chipki meri rooh yaad hai,
Aur tujhmein ghulti meri shakshiyat yaad hai..