A – Z poetry : “T”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “T”


Tonight is the night of a knight

Triumphantly who fought as a brave?

Together with a small flock of soldiers

Through the dark nights and scorching days…

Testament in the pages of history

Told about a mighty ruler as a tyrant

Treated who his subjects with cruelty and dominance

Taming few under the influence of his riches.


True dynamism people chose

The young knight as their leader to save

Taking a small army

Thoughtfully planning a strategy

Tact’s of war helped him win

Thirsty warriors breathed in peace

Tuscany spread its fragrance in air,

Twilight showed them a new destiny!

Guest post by Soumya. Must see her wonderful work..!!

aisa desh hai mera!

my village

Karwat leti nisha ne mujhse
subah ka raasta poochha,
ki hai kahan wo savera
jahan koi nahi andhera,
hai kahan wo khushboo nirali,
jaise os ki boondein hui deewani,
hai kahan wo aangan,
jahan gungunate hai sawan..

Maine hass ke raat ko bola,
aaja mere gaon tujhe
main savera dikhata hoon,
mitti ki saundhi si khushboo mein
aa tujhe nehlaata hoon,
aur uss pagli badri se bhi milwata hoon,
jo aangan pe raah dekhti hai us uday ka,
jo har din ek naya sa laata hai,
kabhi rulata aur haan kabhi hasata hai,
par fir bhi tere jaane ke baad, o nisha,
humesha iss gaon wapas laut hi aata hai…


Wait for the night, it’s still daylight..
I don’t want the world to see me cry..

It’s not a bright sun, are you gonna come?
Or should I just walk alone?

I’ve reached home, and I’m still alone,
Where did u go away?

I search for a sign, wanna assure your mine,
But all my dreams are drowning..

I wait past the dusk for you, but this anticipation seems new,
I wish I could dupe da time..

Tell me I ain’t pushed away, cuz I have nothing left to say,
What will I do without u..

I think I was tryna hold in sand, now when I open my hand,
Its empty and you are gone..

Happy we were once upon a time, but did I do some crime,
To wait for you till eternity?

Oh I’m tired of the games, my life always plays,
Now I’m gonna retire soon..

Hope I’ll see you again, meet you in a new game,
In another world and another life.. Good bye!

Jis chaand ki chaah hai..

The Moon

Jis chaand ki chaah hai kabse,

Wo baadlon ke pardon mein chhupa hai,

Haasil karna chahta hoon lekin,

Ye dil bhi apni zidd pe ada hai..

Kyon hai uss chaand ko guroor,

Maana ki haan uspe koi daag nahi,

Par uss dam pe yoon tadpana,

Ye humein hargiz manzoor nahi..

Kar le tu lakh manaa,

Ek din tu bhi zameen par aayega,

Jab sitare tujhe bhool jaaenge,

Aur tera wajood dagmagaega..

Tab dhoondh lena mujhe,

Mai kisi maikhane mein miloonga,

Aur na aaya gar tu,

Toh mai roz raat naya chaand dhoondh loonga..

Na hoga tere jaisa roop,

Par usmein guroor toh na hoga,

Aur jab shaam ho jaegi,

Toh us nacheez ka bhi kuchh suroor toh hoga..

a heart not-so-strong

.          .          .          .          .          .

Why is there a heart-break
Why there is a pain
Why is it, whatever I do
Goes away in vain..

It seemed all fine
I felt happiness was mine
Then suddenly what happened
With little miss sunshine..

Dark clouds all around
Peace is no where to be found
In and out side of me, I see
Fake life on ground..

Tears dry away one day
this pain, too will fade away
and maybe then I can begin again
some place where there is no night or day..

.          .          .          .          .          .