A – Z poetry : “E”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “E”

either way

Either yes or no
Either come or go
Either black or blue
Either quit or redo
Either here or there
Either courage or fear
Either love or hate
Either make destiny or leave on fate
Either live or die
Either smile or cry
Either low or high
Either stay or say goodbye
Either push or pull
Either empty or full
Either breathe in or out
Either scream or shout
Either make or break
Either give or take
Either read or write
Either dull or bright
Either be numb or feel
Either borrow or steal
Either forgive or forget
Either be noone or be your best
Either choose or decide
Either way, take a side!

either this or that

15 thoughts on “A – Z poetry : “E”

  1. HI Sakshi—
    First, thanks for taking a look at my poetry. I admit I love when people tune in from, you know, half way around the world. ‘Either’ is a nice poem, playful, yet a little more serious that one might first think. I like the way the rhythm is slightly varied: ‘Either low or high/ Either stay or say goodbye’ (‘Either stay or lie’ would have been interesting here.) Anyway, I am reminded of the great Yogi Berra, who said: ‘When you come to a fork in the road, take it.’

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