A – Z poetry : “W” (another entry)

World of My Own

Where the seas end in dying gasps,
where the sun splits into a whole half,
where the rain and soil they meet in glee,
is that from where it comes to me?

Where the end of sorrows is but a thought,
where a world of peace is now long lost,
where dark thoughts seep into deep deep depths,
is that from where it comes to me?

Where, into the deep caverns of the mountains of my heart,
where…will it lead me…I wonder…
Where now lies the hope within me…
poem…my poem…where life I see…

Where from do you come to me,
Where…through what…I beg to thee,
where is thy reside, thy long lost abode…
poem…my poem…where life I see…

my world

Guest post by Saunved Mutalik. See his blog here. Poems, Stories, thoughts, quotes – His blog is a collection you mush check out!

A – Z poetry : “W”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “W”


I worry my world will change very soon

My world will change,

whether I worry or not…

The world is a wonder!

Will words always have their way?

Words will; but when silence wends a path

Words will wither away… in wonder!

Will you walk with me a while?

Just until where the waves

Weave their way into the wind… 

The wonder of words…

The world will wait

With willing silence.


Guest Post by Meenakshi Chawla. See her blog here. She writes poetry which would reach your soul…simple subtle and sophisticated.

A – Z poetry : “U”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “U”



Until the morning comes

Until the light shines

Until the touch of your hand

Until the smile on your face

Until the smell touches me

Until the day is over 

Until we are together

Until the end of time

Until you tell me goodbye

Until I understand

Until I see the light

Until you say I love you

Until the the morning light 

Until the setting sun

Until there is no hope

Until we are through

Until my life leaves me

Until my dying breath

Until I hear your voice 

Until you lay beside me

Until I feel your body

Until I find you

Until you seek the light

Until I find what I lost

Until I take a walk 

Until the world ends

Until the moon glows

Until all is lost

Until we are uplifted

Until we sing again

Until Heaven opens 

Until our dreams come true

Until I can see no more

Until we lay in our grave

Until we meet in heaven

Until that day you will see

Until all the words are spoken 

Until you hear my voice

Until I say I love you

Until I cry no more

Until you come back to me

Until that day comes

Until everything is said

Until you love me

Until you hold me

Until you are mine

Until the day you come back to me

Until we love again

Until there is an answer

Until my love never ends

Until the end of time

Until is never done

Guest post by James.. See his blog here. His panache for writing is incredible.. A blogger since a past few months, but a poet since the age of 15… Do visit his blog and show appreciation!!

A – Z poetry : “I”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “I”

An open invitation for poets to attempt to write with N, O, Q, V, X, and Z as muses.
Leave a comment in case you’re interested, I’ll contact you – don’t post the poem in the comments 😉

Ignorance is sometimes the best solution,
But don’t always be a slave to your intuition..
Instigate a fire in yourself,
Don’t fear the dogma of the institution..
Imagine an ideal world, free of imperfections,
Instill a belief, put every thought to action..
Inconsistency should vanish,
Bring your ideas to implementation..
Improvement should reflect in every iteration,
Ignite your minds, give your conscience an elevation..


This is a guest post by an occasional and moody writer Prateek. See his blog here. He is currently pursuing Masters in Electrical Engineering from University of Minnesota Twin Cities, United States.

a walk to remember !

  walk to rememberI take my wallet
I pick up my shawl
I wear my walking shoes
I decide to take a stroll
I walk ahead
And take the right turn
I walk on da dirty streets
The big bungalows make me burn
With envy and greed
To want more and more
As if I could own an ocean
And never return to the shore
I take the next turn
I see the busy market
Vendors in the mood
To sell out all the packets
I see the kids playing
Riding their favourite bikes
And housewives dressed to impress
But talking about price hikes
I smile and walk some more
Locate some places of worship
Wonder if I should pay my respects
Or make a quick exit.
I walk some more
And hear some wedding bells
Turn the other way round
To avoid an encounter with hell.
I see the sun setting down
Behind the biggest hill
I wish I could walk some more
Or better, never to go against my will
To walk away from this world
To run away while I can
Before they turn to me
To change me from who I am!



Kucch tasveerein deewaron pe nishan chhod jaati hain, 
Kucch lakeerein likhawat ka anuman ban jaati hain, 
Chahta toh har koi hai ret ko haathon mein pakadna, 
Par kucch fizaen hawa mein bas apna farmaan chhod jaati hain.. 

Kucch aanhe adhoore armaan chhod jaati hai,
Kucch baatein uljhe sawal chhod jaati hai,
Un lamho mein roye to bahut the hum,
Par unki yaadein ab sirf ek muskan chhod jaati hai !!

Kabhi kucch labz khwabon ka jaal tod jaate hain, 
Jo na bhar paae- aise zakhmon ke nishan chhod jaate hain, 
Hum maan bhi lein kismat ki lakeeron ko magar, 
Par kucch kisse iss fakir ko haal behaal chhod jaate hain..

Shades of emotions – 4

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Kisi jheel ke thehrav se puchho

Rituon ki khushnaseebi kya cheez hai


Dor aisi na baandh koi

Ki paaki mai tera ho jaaun

Rahun na apne watan ka mai

Aur na tere desh ka hi ho paun


Socha le aaun baaraat chaand taaron ki

Par kambakht ye bhi mujhse ruswa hain

Kehte hain rijha uss chaandni ko pehle

Jise dekh dil tera aanhein bharta hai


Kabhi itne door hoke bhi kitne paas lagte ho..

Kabhi paas hoke bhi bahut door lagte ho..

Kahan chhupaun in ashkon ko ab..

Kaise bayan karun kitne khaas lagte ho..!!


shades of emotions

Is is over yet?

is it over yet?

I feel closer to heaven..hope I’m not dying.. 

Even if I am, I’m smiling.. because your just besides..

With tears soaking me, I try to absorb so much love..

I know I wont get this feel again, not even in the heavens above…


What was dormant inside me is now evoked again..

I can smile and cry all at once, and it’s not a game..

I try to silent my sighs, but they wanna cry out to you..

Just say your name again and again and see nothing beyond you..


Oh that one glimpse of a tear, falling on the heart of clay..

Brings back the pains you took to say what you wanted to say..

The little red dots, I so wish, could be blood of mine..

Because what was mine for all those years has surrendered to a force divine…


# understanding loss of people- the loved ones, in wars


Even in the midst of joy,
There is sadness…

Even below the crooked smile
there is a hurt heart…

It seems the whole world
Conspires against you…

It feels as if there is
Just no one…

Even among your close ones
You don’t find a well wisher…

Your mind & heart
Have a messy fight…

You feel everything is distorted
& you don’t feel alright…

The face of life seems so sad
& all your plans just turn bad…

Your headaches so hard
& there is no medicine near or far…

You have to be mute
Even when the words want to flow out…

You are asked to shut up
Even when you know your advice is the best…

You are neglected
Even though you feel your presence will make a difference…

Life becomes so tough that
You are tired to carry your own weight…

You let your tears fall down
Because the ink and paper are over!!