A – Z poetry : “V”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “V”



Victory for those who  dies courageously,

Valuable are the souls who fought nobly,

Valhalla awaits the arrival of the brave ones,

Vanity is never a pleasure for the destined sons…

Vendetta brings on the verge every clan,

Velour clothed men die in valor,

Valley of Fjordane echoes with trots,

Valkyries arrive with a predestined notch!

Vanquishing every evil of the region,

Vanish the storming Valkyries in the verdure,

Versing a true form of Valiance,

Vignetting the history of Odin and his warriors! 

Written by the incredibly talented poetess Soumya! Must check out her blog and book…

A – Z poetry : “T”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “T”


Tonight is the night of a knight

Triumphantly who fought as a brave?

Together with a small flock of soldiers

Through the dark nights and scorching days…

Testament in the pages of history

Told about a mighty ruler as a tyrant

Treated who his subjects with cruelty and dominance

Taming few under the influence of his riches.


True dynamism people chose

The young knight as their leader to save

Taking a small army

Thoughtfully planning a strategy

Tact’s of war helped him win

Thirsty warriors breathed in peace

Tuscany spread its fragrance in air,

Twilight showed them a new destiny!

Guest post by Soumya. Must see her wonderful work..!!

Is is over yet?

is it over yet?

I feel closer to heaven..hope I’m not dying.. 

Even if I am, I’m smiling.. because your just besides..

With tears soaking me, I try to absorb so much love..

I know I wont get this feel again, not even in the heavens above…


What was dormant inside me is now evoked again..

I can smile and cry all at once, and it’s not a game..

I try to silent my sighs, but they wanna cry out to you..

Just say your name again and again and see nothing beyond you..


Oh that one glimpse of a tear, falling on the heart of clay..

Brings back the pains you took to say what you wanted to say..

The little red dots, I so wish, could be blood of mine..

Because what was mine for all those years has surrendered to a force divine…


# understanding loss of people- the loved ones, in wars

Indian Republic Day special

saluting the heroes


Hai salaam har us jazbe ko
Jeet kayi jisne dilwai hai
Seema par chhati taan khade hue
Jab jab mushkil aayi hai..

Na sard khawaon se jhuke ho tum
na registaan ki mitti ne tumhe jhukaya hai
Jab jab desh dagmagaya apni jadon se
Ye tiranga tumne ooncha lehraya hai

indian army2

Apni maa se ek fauji jawan ne
Jitna putra prem paaya hai
Usse kayi zyada bharat maa ko
Wohi prem bhav lautaya hai..

Na firk rahi tumhe aur kisi rishte ki
Is bandhan ko sabse uncha tumne maana hai
Diya lahu uss mitti ko
Jiski mamta ne paala posa aur sehlaya hai..

indian army

Dushaman se ladte ladte
Tumne laashon ka dher lagaya hai
Amar jyoti jali tumhare naam ki
Bacche bacche n tumhara kissa sunaya hai..

O desh pe mar mitne waalon
Tumhe na kisi ne bhulaya hai
Tumhari veer gati ne hi
Ye jhanda uncha lehraya hai
Ye jhanda uncha lehraya hai..

indian army3