# Fight your Battle #


Face those fears
Kill those demons
You are better than
What you think you are..

Pull yourself up
Try to find a faith
Only you can find and push 
Yourselves to a limit..

Dont depend on an angel
Dont wait for a miracle
Nothing ever happens to
Someone with a common man fate..

Find your cause
Change your path
There is only so much you can
Achieve going on this way!

It may be small
But you have your own destiny
A reason you’re still breathing
A reason you don’t know..

Stop making excuses
Stop finding faults in others
Peep inside and see what you got
And what you can make out of it..

Unless you fight the evil
You’ll be thriving on its venom
But again and again you got to try
Don’t give up and never cry!

My cup of “T”


Today I am scared
Towing my dreams
Towards the future
Tampering with my feelings and
Testing the mighty nature
Tonight I might not succeed
Take another plan next day, maybe
Then play with the rules
Try they might
To stop me, again, but
Tomorrow I will get back up
Trust my instincts
Try my luck
Tease the fate because
Truth shall prevail..


A – Z poetry : “P” (another entry)


Phenomenal Paralympics

Paragons of courage,

Phenomenal was the stage,

Paralympics was the occasion,

Proud was every nation.

Pain had no place,

Pleasure on each face,

Participants with such high spirits,

Pleased audiences with full credits.

Performances like heroes,

Perception of the world was transformed,

Practicing sport like never before,

Praiseful waves stormed.

Paralympics instilled in every human being,

Prevailed only one feeling,

Pointless is the disability,

Precious is their ability to create

Provided with even such fate.

Pistorius is one such person,

Privileged I am to mention,

Persuaded his desire to be the best,

Placed was he above the rest.

Provided such immense inspiration,

Paradigm of champions at heart,

Priceless is their endless contribution.


This is a guest post by Khimya Khetarpal. See her blog here. A promising new blogger around WP, who wants to make this world a better place.

Come back home..!


When the first tear drop,
rolled down my cheeks,
my face cried out to me…
Come back home..!

When the first big sob,
took away my breath,
my soul cried out to me…
Come back home..!

When the first heartache,
followed my first heart break,
my life cried out to me…
Come back home..!

When the first death,
ditched away my only life,
my sorrows cried out to me…
Come back home..!


I dream..

I dream…
Not cuz, I have many aspirations
but cuz I don’t want my hopes to be broken…
I dream…
Not cuz, I feel sleep is heavy on my eye lids
but cuz I don’t wanna face the world; as it is…
I dream…
Not cuz, I love fictitious characters
but cuz I want to run away from the apers…
I dream…
Not cuz, I don’t have a burdensome work
but cuz my thoughts just go berserk…
I dream…
Not cuz, I’m not interested
but cuz I’m never noticed…
I dream…
Not cuz, I want to be absent
but cuz I wish to while away my lonely moments…
I dream…
Not cuz, I want all of them to come true
but cuz I hope for at least one or two…



Jis chaand ki chaah hai..

The Moon

Jis chaand ki chaah hai kabse,

Wo baadlon ke pardon mein chhupa hai,

Haasil karna chahta hoon lekin,

Ye dil bhi apni zidd pe ada hai..

Kyon hai uss chaand ko guroor,

Maana ki haan uspe koi daag nahi,

Par uss dam pe yoon tadpana,

Ye humein hargiz manzoor nahi..

Kar le tu lakh manaa,

Ek din tu bhi zameen par aayega,

Jab sitare tujhe bhool jaaenge,

Aur tera wajood dagmagaega..

Tab dhoondh lena mujhe,

Mai kisi maikhane mein miloonga,

Aur na aaya gar tu,

Toh mai roz raat naya chaand dhoondh loonga..

Na hoga tere jaisa roop,

Par usmein guroor toh na hoga,

Aur jab shaam ho jaegi,

Toh us nacheez ka bhi kuchh suroor toh hoga..

a victory story

Believe it or not, it happened today,

While I was lost, I found that pin in the hay..

It reminded me, of the pricks n the pain,

Which it gave me, and drove me insane..

I looked at it, with a smirk on my face,

Thinking of what should I do, and the punishment ways..

O boy! It talked back to me, taking me by a surprise,

Begging me for forgiveness, asking me its price..

Price! O no! There’s no value of my sufferings, I know I have to set u right,

So that you don’t trouble anyone, and especially stay out of my sight!

O benevolent! Have mercy on me, Thou has the power to free me,

I promise I promise, I’ll do as u say, but one condition that you set me free..

I sit under the tree, thinking what to do,

Finally the apple fell, and my mind instantly decided too..

I use my strength, against the Satan who took my sleep away,

Burnt me alive, and laughed at me all the way..

I turned my pin, into the memories of my pain,

To look at it every day as it becomes my key to be sane..

Now I keep my pen down and look at the ring on my hand,

Yes, a silver lining can make a petty pin look grand..

# on the conquest of all inner and outer ‘pins’