Wait for the night, it’s still daylight..
I don’t want the world to see me cry..

It’s not a bright sun, are you gonna come?
Or should I just walk alone?

I’ve reached home, and I’m still alone,
Where did u go away?

I search for a sign, wanna assure your mine,
But all my dreams are drowning..

I wait past the dusk for you, but this anticipation seems new,
I wish I could dupe da time..

Tell me I ain’t pushed away, cuz I have nothing left to say,
What will I do without u..

I think I was tryna hold in sand, now when I open my hand,
Its empty and you are gone..

Happy we were once upon a time, but did I do some crime,
To wait for you till eternity?

Oh I’m tired of the games, my life always plays,
Now I’m gonna retire soon..

Hope I’ll see you again, meet you in a new game,
In another world and another life.. Good bye!

Come back home..!


When the first tear drop,
rolled down my cheeks,
my face cried out to me…
Come back home..!

When the first big sob,
took away my breath,
my soul cried out to me…
Come back home..!

When the first heartache,
followed my first heart break,
my life cried out to me…
Come back home..!

When the first death,
ditched away my only life,
my sorrows cried out to me…
Come back home..!


I dream..

I dream…
Not cuz, I have many aspirations
but cuz I don’t want my hopes to be broken…
I dream…
Not cuz, I feel sleep is heavy on my eye lids
but cuz I don’t wanna face the world; as it is…
I dream…
Not cuz, I love fictitious characters
but cuz I want to run away from the apers…
I dream…
Not cuz, I don’t have a burdensome work
but cuz my thoughts just go berserk…
I dream…
Not cuz, I’m not interested
but cuz I’m never noticed…
I dream…
Not cuz, I want to be absent
but cuz I wish to while away my lonely moments…
I dream…
Not cuz, I want all of them to come true
but cuz I hope for at least one or two…



Prologue :

Let me see,
How sitting lonely
one smiles for no reason 
And yet being with everyone
feels deserted

Let me see,
How everything around
Seems so beautiful
And every kind of music-lyrics
Describes one’s situation

Let me see,
How one notices
Even small things as important
And ah, there is freshness
All around

Let me see,
How the day goes-by just
Thinking of someone
And at confrontation 
One coy around 

Let me see,
How one _ unknowingly & knowingly
Falls in LOVE!!

~ no more love ~

Grass was green
Sky was blue
Sun was shining high
but still there was
a heart not happy
looking up in the sky…

That maple leaf
was like his life
broken down from the tree
now no life;
now no joy;
now remains no glee…

Leaf was green once
it was very happy
but now it has turned brown
and that joyous heart
also with his loss of love
slowly-slowly drowns…

Why did it happen,
yells the innocent heart
who will answer me..?
Just like the leaf
flying across the sky
searching for another life, maybe…

But this leaf is
still unknown
what is coming ahead,
is it the garden,
full of roses or
is it thorns-full bed..?!?

For the leaf, journey has just
started; don’t end it like this
my dear!
But one may always think
what happened to the heart,
O dear lord, I fear..!!

With the course of time,
both found death
and thus ended their search,
now no-more the love remains,
and no tree
for the birds to perch..!!

Jis chaand ki chaah hai..

The Moon

Jis chaand ki chaah hai kabse,

Wo baadlon ke pardon mein chhupa hai,

Haasil karna chahta hoon lekin,

Ye dil bhi apni zidd pe ada hai..

Kyon hai uss chaand ko guroor,

Maana ki haan uspe koi daag nahi,

Par uss dam pe yoon tadpana,

Ye humein hargiz manzoor nahi..

Kar le tu lakh manaa,

Ek din tu bhi zameen par aayega,

Jab sitare tujhe bhool jaaenge,

Aur tera wajood dagmagaega..

Tab dhoondh lena mujhe,

Mai kisi maikhane mein miloonga,

Aur na aaya gar tu,

Toh mai roz raat naya chaand dhoondh loonga..

Na hoga tere jaisa roop,

Par usmein guroor toh na hoga,

Aur jab shaam ho jaegi,

Toh us nacheez ka bhi kuchh suroor toh hoga..

a heart not-so-strong

.          .          .          .          .          .

Why is there a heart-break
Why there is a pain
Why is it, whatever I do
Goes away in vain..

It seemed all fine
I felt happiness was mine
Then suddenly what happened
With little miss sunshine..

Dark clouds all around
Peace is no where to be found
In and out side of me, I see
Fake life on ground..

Tears dry away one day
this pain, too will fade away
and maybe then I can begin again
some place where there is no night or day..

.          .          .          .          .          .


a victory story

Believe it or not, it happened today,

While I was lost, I found that pin in the hay..

It reminded me, of the pricks n the pain,

Which it gave me, and drove me insane..

I looked at it, with a smirk on my face,

Thinking of what should I do, and the punishment ways..

O boy! It talked back to me, taking me by a surprise,

Begging me for forgiveness, asking me its price..

Price! O no! There’s no value of my sufferings, I know I have to set u right,

So that you don’t trouble anyone, and especially stay out of my sight!

O benevolent! Have mercy on me, Thou has the power to free me,

I promise I promise, I’ll do as u say, but one condition that you set me free..

I sit under the tree, thinking what to do,

Finally the apple fell, and my mind instantly decided too..

I use my strength, against the Satan who took my sleep away,

Burnt me alive, and laughed at me all the way..

I turned my pin, into the memories of my pain,

To look at it every day as it becomes my key to be sane..

Now I keep my pen down and look at the ring on my hand,

Yes, a silver lining can make a petty pin look grand..

# on the conquest of all inner and outer ‘pins’



I regret I didn’t meet you earlier,

I regret I was not yours when I met you,

I regret I was touched by someone else,

before I was touched by you…

I regret I didn’t admit my love earlier,

I regret I tested you,

I regret I didn’t see the world from your eyes,

or see myself through you…

I regret that I acted stupid,

I regret that I hurt you,

I regret that I could never express myself enough,

especially when it was the faith I had in you…

I regret that all my life I waited for  someone special,

I regret that not easily I can have you,

I regret of having so many regrets,

but not that I’m telling them to you…