Jis chaand ki chaah hai..

The Moon

Jis chaand ki chaah hai kabse,

Wo baadlon ke pardon mein chhupa hai,

Haasil karna chahta hoon lekin,

Ye dil bhi apni zidd pe ada hai..

Kyon hai uss chaand ko guroor,

Maana ki haan uspe koi daag nahi,

Par uss dam pe yoon tadpana,

Ye humein hargiz manzoor nahi..

Kar le tu lakh manaa,

Ek din tu bhi zameen par aayega,

Jab sitare tujhe bhool jaaenge,

Aur tera wajood dagmagaega..

Tab dhoondh lena mujhe,

Mai kisi maikhane mein miloonga,

Aur na aaya gar tu,

Toh mai roz raat naya chaand dhoondh loonga..

Na hoga tere jaisa roop,

Par usmein guroor toh na hoga,

Aur jab shaam ho jaegi,

Toh us nacheez ka bhi kuchh suroor toh hoga..

a victory story

Believe it or not, it happened today,

While I was lost, I found that pin in the hay..

It reminded me, of the pricks n the pain,

Which it gave me, and drove me insane..

I looked at it, with a smirk on my face,

Thinking of what should I do, and the punishment ways..

O boy! It talked back to me, taking me by a surprise,

Begging me for forgiveness, asking me its price..

Price! O no! There’s no value of my sufferings, I know I have to set u right,

So that you don’t trouble anyone, and especially stay out of my sight!

O benevolent! Have mercy on me, Thou has the power to free me,

I promise I promise, I’ll do as u say, but one condition that you set me free..

I sit under the tree, thinking what to do,

Finally the apple fell, and my mind instantly decided too..

I use my strength, against the Satan who took my sleep away,

Burnt me alive, and laughed at me all the way..

I turned my pin, into the memories of my pain,

To look at it every day as it becomes my key to be sane..

Now I keep my pen down and look at the ring on my hand,

Yes, a silver lining can make a petty pin look grand..

# on the conquest of all inner and outer ‘pins’