A – Z poetry : “W”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “W”


I worry my world will change very soon

My world will change,

whether I worry or not…

The world is a wonder!

Will words always have their way?

Words will; but when silence wends a path

Words will wither away… in wonder!

Will you walk with me a while?

Just until where the waves

Weave their way into the wind… 

The wonder of words…

The world will wait

With willing silence.


Guest Post by Meenakshi Chawla. See her blog here. She writes poetry which would reach your soul…simple subtle and sophisticated.

# To each its own

to each its own

For the ice you dint break
The lives you put at stake
The peace you dint make
The wall you dint break
The silence you always kept
The act you did your best
The issue you dint let rest
The attitude you never left
The cries you ignored
The explanations you find to bore
The faith you could not secure
The trust which cannot be assured

Thank you.

#Fear Factor

Kabhi raat ke gupp andhere se,  

kabhi tumhari aankhon mein jhaankne se darr lagta hai,

kabhi chuppi ki khamoshi se,

kabhi bheed ki aawazon se darr lagta hai,

kabhi saanjh ke ujaale se,

kabhi aaine ke sawalon se darr lagta hai,

kabhi mom ke diyon se,

kabhi un naino ke aasuon se darr lagta hai,

kabhi buland deewaron se,

kabhi neher-pahadon se darr lagta hai,

kabhi badalti fiza se,

kabhi thehri hawa se darr lagta hai,

kabhi neeras hone se,

kabhi kuchh mehsoos karne se darr lagta hai..