Ret ke dhaancho mein jaise
Paani ghul jata hai,
Rehta nahi hai dhancha wo
Mitti mein mil jata hai..


Rangon ke mel ko
Tasveer ka naam diya jata hai,
Gum jati hai ek rang ki pehchaan
Wo ek mayawi jaal bun jata hai..


Waise hi tujhse milke
Mann apna bal bhool jata hai,
Rehta nahi hai bas mein
Wo dil jaise nadan ho jata hai..

Love….is enough!


If love was to sit by your side
Watch you sleep all night
Cook for you a 4-course meal
And surprise you with that delight,
Love is enough!

If love was to text you I love you
Look in your eyes and kiss you
Walk away from you and miss you
Then love is enough!

If love is watching our hands talk
Singing in the rain and dance
Closing the eyes and feel the trance,
Then definitely, love is enough!


A – Z poetry : “X”

Here is for alphabet “X”


A Nexus Broken

When friends exchange their status

For lovers, their excitement

has no explanations

they meet in excess

are vexed by each others absence

find any pretext to call each other

words never exhaust their sweetness

their love simply extended from familiarity


romance reaches its climax

the complexities of a relationship

misunderstandings express into anger

toxic looks now replace the earlier intoxication


it all exploded into thin air

nothing left to examine

except the battle of the “ex”es

did their friendship once exist??

Guest post by Sonya… Check out her blog on the link here. In her words, her blog “Follow Your Shadow” was created using inspiration, intuition, observation and courage.
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A – Z poetry : “M”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “M”

An open invitation for poets to attempt to write with S, T, X, Y and Z as muses.
Leave a comment in case you’re interested, I’ll contact you – don’t post the poem in the comments 😉


Moment of my birth was

Miraculous in my Mummy’s life,

Mother for the first time,

Miles and miles of smile.

Million wishes and a billion gifts,

the Moment was just so complete.

mother and daughter

Memories of my first laugh

My first step, my first Maaa,

Music of her lullabies, the moon would enjoy

from Morning Milk to Magical Mathematics,

Momma my first mentor, my first love, my protector,

My support in maddening times,

Master of strength and motivation

Managing, Multitasking home, work and me

One who Matters the most,

Moulded me, my manners, nourished my mind,

Makeup, middle school and more

Mistakes and mischiefs were forgiven, with magnanimous heart

Mandatory manners, prayers and rules

Mighty lectures made me mature, Morals mended my soul.

Mystical mind reader, how’s she always right?

mom daughter

Misunderstandings faded her smile, Manipulated truths hurt

Modern markets, machines, moolah, mobiles, motives

Memories now moisten our eyes

My marriage is now her only agenda,

Making me believe my match will make me complete.

Master of Divinity, How will my moment of Motherhood be?

Mamma’s girl, maybe not me, BUT she’ll always BE.


This is a guest post by Shruti Deora.

Shruti is a Chartered Accountant having graduated from Narsee Monjee College, Mumbai. She is currently working as a research analyst in a Premier global investment management organization. She is an editor and one of the founder members of a quarterly online E- magazine Mentor Mantra. A creative person she has specialized in Tanjore paintings, and loves photography, adventure and travelling. She loves trying new things, and this being her first attempt at writing poems. Check her blog at http://shrutimes.wordpress.com/