A – Z poetry : “Y”

Here we go… the second last alphabet.. “Y”


Y- Y is it so important!

Yellow is hot, is that all I know with Y I thought!

Yet, as I put myself to this task,

Yakking away, the best I could get to was



Yesteryear, Y had been easy-peazy!

Y- Since when did you become so snoopy!


Yogis have said – the key to success is hidden in the answer to all Ys!

Yet how many of us, have managed to go beyond try!


Y do you like this, and this not,

Y do u want to work at all?

Y do you think this is the only way out,

Y do you not want to try anything else out?

Y is the grass greener on the other side?

Y don’t you look at the brighter side!

Y is it so hard to give in?

Y don’t you realize lots u might be missing!

Y do we have to fight?

Y is hope the only good thing?

Y am I asking so many questions…?


Yogi said – only questions lead to answers and answers to success

Y do I want to be successful, again?

why (1)

Guest post by Komal Agrawal… You can find out more about her here. Scroll down to read her poem on alphabet “T” – Tussles With Life.

~mY qUeStIoNs~


Hai agar roz suraj dharti se door utna hi

toh chaar peher raat ke andhere mein kyo,

kya roshni pe bhi saaya chha jaata hai kabhi kabhi..?

Hai gar mil jaana aakhir yamuna ko ganga mein

toh har ghaat ek teerth kyon nahi,

kya sheetalta ka bhi hai naap koi..?

Hai jab rishte naate sabhi chhoot jaane

toh kyo chhalta hai kisi ko koi,

kya pal bhar ki chain ki saanse ek tohfa nahi..?

Hai har muskurahat ki aahat mein gham ki parchhai

toh kyo siskiyon ki aahat mein khushi ki sargam nahi,

kya khushi aur gham ek sikke ke hi do pehlu nahi..?

Hai gar pyaar ka jazba beintehaan

toh ho jaati hai aankhein nam kyon,

aashiqui ashkon se na seenchi jaae- kya ye mumkin nahi..?