Could I – Should I


Could I be entangled with you,
Like your fingers in the locks of my hair?

Or be engrossed in you,
Like your eyes in my stare?

Or be playful with you,
Like that smile on your lips?

Or maybe plunge in your warmth,
When you wrap your arms around my hips!

Oh! could I dive in your love,
Like a bird thirsty from far and above!

Or sink in those passionate vibes
Which we both try to hide?

Ah! Can I stay lost in my dreams,
Where rosy bed does blossom it seems..

Or be a part of your body and soul
To become one as a whole.

~Dream On~

Armano ki ladiyan jala gaya koi,
Chingaari ko aag bana gaya koi,
Hum kaise uski ahat pehchante,
Jab saanson mein toofan macha gaya ho koi..


Kisse kuchh khaas dil se bana gaya koi,
Nagmon mein saaz saja gaya koi,
Hum kaise karein un aahon ka bayan,
Jab labon se labz chura gaya ho koi..

Run Away..?


Chhupa le sab se
Aa chal kho jae kahin,
Na ho yaad zamana
Bhool jae aasman aur zamin..

Thaam le mera haath
Na jane doon door tujhe,
Bas dekhta mujhe tu rahe
Aur simat jaun main tujh mein hi..

Ho na labb juda
Reh jaae baatein sab unkahi,
Na waqt aage chale
Ruk jae wo peher wahin..