A – Z poetry : “M”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “M”

An open invitation for poets to attempt to write with S, T, X, Y and Z as muses.
Leave a comment in case you’re interested, I’ll contact you – don’t post the poem in the comments 😉


Moment of my birth was

Miraculous in my Mummy’s life,

Mother for the first time,

Miles and miles of smile.

Million wishes and a billion gifts,

the Moment was just so complete.

mother and daughter

Memories of my first laugh

My first step, my first Maaa,

Music of her lullabies, the moon would enjoy

from Morning Milk to Magical Mathematics,

Momma my first mentor, my first love, my protector,

My support in maddening times,

Master of strength and motivation

Managing, Multitasking home, work and me

One who Matters the most,

Moulded me, my manners, nourished my mind,

Makeup, middle school and more

Mistakes and mischiefs were forgiven, with magnanimous heart

Mandatory manners, prayers and rules

Mighty lectures made me mature, Morals mended my soul.

Mystical mind reader, how’s she always right?

mom daughter

Misunderstandings faded her smile, Manipulated truths hurt

Modern markets, machines, moolah, mobiles, motives

Memories now moisten our eyes

My marriage is now her only agenda,

Making me believe my match will make me complete.

Master of Divinity, How will my moment of Motherhood be?

Mamma’s girl, maybe not me, BUT she’ll always BE.


This is a guest post by Shruti Deora.

Shruti is a Chartered Accountant having graduated from Narsee Monjee College, Mumbai. She is currently working as a research analyst in a Premier global investment management organization. She is an editor and one of the founder members of a quarterly online E- magazine Mentor Mantra. A creative person she has specialized in Tanjore paintings, and loves photography, adventure and travelling. She loves trying new things, and this being her first attempt at writing poems. Check her blog at http://shrutimes.wordpress.com/

A – Z poetry : “B”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “B”

Be calmer

And look after your health

Be at your best behavior

And do your best

Be confident

Don’t be afraid

Be like a soldier

Not relying on fate

Be self appreciating

Yet don’t loathe others

Be charming, yes,

But don’t become a foolish lover

Be at your guard

Don’t assume everyone to be your brother

Be good at studies

And also play sports

Don’t be part of ragging

And be a good host

Be smart at your work

Don’t you become a slogger

Be a gentleman

And do call your mother..

Son off to college


# mom-sending-son-off-to-college

How much I miss MOM !!!

More red than the roses, mom

more yellow than the sunny days,

more blue than the corals,

or green of the orchids..

More silver than the moon light,

more black than the coal mines,

more pink than all the cherries,

more purple than the dried berries..

More golden than the sunshine,

more brown than the dark soil,

more white than the milky treat,

or the orange of the orange feast..

More than the colors of rainbow,

I missed you O mother of mine,

It was foggy n cloudy,

without you my silver line..


in conversation with Almighty

And HE came 
That divine figure, I always
Wanted to see, wanted to touch, wanted to believe..
HE asked me, “What is your final wish, dear?”
I said, “Dearest God, send me to
Someone who’d hold my hand
when I’m sad,
who’d give me strength
when I’m disheartened,
make me smile
& forget all my worries,
& give me a hug that would engulf me..”
Almighty replied, “My child,
let go of your human  attributes, make just one wish..”
I whispered something to HIS ears..
What..even I can’t recall !!
Next day when I woke up from my sleep,
I was born to earth, to a
woman who held my hand
when I took a sob,
who gave me strength when
I opened my eyes to the unknown strangers & world,
gave me a smile
for she was much happier about my birth,
gave me a big hug
that I thanked God, I am reborn again
in the same warm arms..
She_ to me_is the most
Beautiful of all..
My Mother.. 
Again & again,  an overwhelming feeling
consumes my heart..
I can’t express enough.. I worship her..!!
So, when I end this journey- this birth again,
I would not take God’s much time
To describe that
Heavenly happiness but
Just whisper in His ears..
“Let me be born to the same mother again..!!!”