if only I could IMAGINE

If only I could imagine..

a boat without its oars,

a shower without its pores,

a rainbow without its blues,

a daffodil without its hues,

a purple without its ting,

a throne without its king,

a speed without a breaker,

a stock market without its broker,

an army without its cook,

a nerd without his book,

a tube-well without water,

a penny without a quarter,

a bear without its fur,

a slurry without its slur,

a shoe without lace,

a ballet without grace,

a sea without its green,

a toilet that is not clean!

Only if I could imagine all this,

I wouldn’t miss u so much.. 😉



Clock reminds me I have to leave,

As four long years have just gone by,

Few days I found myself a bit low,

And on few days I took a high… 

I fell over and over again,

You tested me a lot,

But I never called it quits,

Even though I dint know the plot…

It brings me joyful memories,

I’ll miss the times I spent with you,

I wish you could hear me when I say,

This journey would be incomplete without you..

We’ll meet again for sure and soon,

Cuz I don’t believe in goodbyes,

Till then just remember my smile,

While I silently hide away my sighs…

# last day at NIT-Trichy