A – Z poetry : “P”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “P”

An open invitation for poets to attempt to write with T, X, Y and Z as muses.
Leave a comment in case you’re interested, I’ll contact you – don’t post the poem in the comments 😉


Pigeons which sing
Peacocks which dance
Petals of love
Perfumes by chance
Purple dreams of
Pleasant tomorrow
Prosperous moments
Parting with sorrow
Purity of e​motions
Patience of mind
Peace of heart
Prosperity hard to find
Poems of joy
Portraits of strife
Pictures of bliss
Painting of life
Pearls of memories
Pleasures of rain
Peers and friends with
Promises of meeting again
Painful memoirs of
Poignant distress
Peppered on which lies
Priceless success

 This is post by Arindam Saha…his blog can be found here. His random thoughts and musing are very vividly expressed by his poetry… must read!!

Shades of emotions – 3

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Labzon ka asar hai ya

Aaj baatein aisehi bemisaal ho gayi

Kabhi lab sharmakar bhool gaye

Kabhi zabaan haal behaal ho gayi


Bebas hui dhadkan humari

Ummeed ne itna laachar kiya

Kuchh sapne hi toh dekhe the humne

Gunaah ismein kya kiya


Sapno ko mere piro ke aaj

Aangan mein aise saja lo

Thoda unhe dekh ke jee lo

Thoda paane ki chaah mein bita lo


Kahin deep jale aangan mein

Toh kahin har shaam jaam bhare gaye

Par un lambe baaki peheron ka hum kya kare

Jo tera naam lete hue beet gaye