A – Z poetry : “V”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “V”



Victory for those who  dies courageously,

Valuable are the souls who fought nobly,

Valhalla awaits the arrival of the brave ones,

Vanity is never a pleasure for the destined sons…

Vendetta brings on the verge every clan,

Velour clothed men die in valor,

Valley of Fjordane echoes with trots,

Valkyries arrive with a predestined notch!

Vanquishing every evil of the region,

Vanish the storming Valkyries in the verdure,

Versing a true form of Valiance,

Vignetting the history of Odin and his warriors! 

Written by the incredibly talented poetess Soumya! Must check out her blog and book…

A – Z poetry : “B”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “B”

Be calmer

And look after your health

Be at your best behavior

And do your best

Be confident

Don’t be afraid

Be like a soldier

Not relying on fate

Be self appreciating

Yet don’t loathe others

Be charming, yes,

But don’t become a foolish lover

Be at your guard

Don’t assume everyone to be your brother

Be good at studies

And also play sports

Don’t be part of ragging

And be a good host

Be smart at your work

Don’t you become a slogger

Be a gentleman

And do call your mother..

Son off to college


# mom-sending-son-off-to-college