Run Away..?


Chhupa le sab se
Aa chal kho jae kahin,
Na ho yaad zamana
Bhool jae aasman aur zamin..

Thaam le mera haath
Na jane doon door tujhe,
Bas dekhta mujhe tu rahe
Aur simat jaun main tujh mein hi..

Ho na labb juda
Reh jaae baatein sab unkahi,
Na waqt aage chale
Ruk jae wo peher wahin..


Arranged Marriage

arranged marriage 1

I catch a look
In the mirror
One last time..
Even try
A subtle smile..
Wrapped in silk 
Which looked 
too blue..
And jewellery
Some old some new..
Half a dozen
In each hand..
Anklets seen
When I sit or stand..
I dab the last
Touch of 
My make up 
Arrange the tray of eatables
And pick up
I open the door
Of the living room
Slowly glide
Towards the
To be groom

arranged marriage 2



Gar bhanwra hoon main
Pholon ki bahaar ho tum 

Agar lehrati sarson hoon main
Indra dev ki bauchhar ho tum

Gar ek geet hoon main
Mera mukhda, mera aalaap ho tum

Gar chanda hoon main
Chandni ka thehraav ho tum

Gar morpankh hoon main
Barkha ki ek dhaar ho tum

Gar rahi hoon main
Dariya ki tript aahar ho tum

Gar roshni main hoon
Surajmukhi ki lalkaar ho tum

Gar samay main hoon
Mujhe kheenchta har prayaas ho tum


*together forever*

If there is something called eternity

Keep me by your arms even after we’re past it..

If there is something called horizon

Take me on the boat with which your travelling towards it..

If there is something called a rebirth

Promise me you’ll meet me on the other side of this life too..

If there is something called perfect ending

Let that be a story we narrate to our next generation..