Run Away..?


Chhupa le sab se
Aa chal kho jae kahin,
Na ho yaad zamana
Bhool jae aasman aur zamin..

Thaam le mera haath
Na jane doon door tujhe,
Bas dekhta mujhe tu rahe
Aur simat jaun main tujh mein hi..

Ho na labb juda
Reh jaae baatein sab unkahi,
Na waqt aage chale
Ruk jae wo peher wahin..


# To each its own

to each its own

For the ice you dint break
The lives you put at stake
The peace you dint make
The wall you dint break
The silence you always kept
The act you did your best
The issue you dint let rest
The attitude you never left
The cries you ignored
The explanations you find to bore
The faith you could not secure
The trust which cannot be assured

Thank you.



Kucch tasveerein deewaron pe nishan chhod jaati hain, 
Kucch lakeerein likhawat ka anuman ban jaati hain, 
Chahta toh har koi hai ret ko haathon mein pakadna, 
Par kucch fizaen hawa mein bas apna farmaan chhod jaati hain.. 

Kucch aanhe adhoore armaan chhod jaati hai,
Kucch baatein uljhe sawal chhod jaati hai,
Un lamho mein roye to bahut the hum,
Par unki yaadein ab sirf ek muskan chhod jaati hai !!

Kabhi kucch labz khwabon ka jaal tod jaate hain, 
Jo na bhar paae- aise zakhmon ke nishan chhod jaate hain, 
Hum maan bhi lein kismat ki lakeeron ko magar, 
Par kucch kisse iss fakir ko haal behaal chhod jaate hain..

way to go – my heart!

ways to mend the heart

Kabhi aankhon ke isharon se, 
kabhi baton ke ladiyon se, 
kabhi khaali uss aangan se, 
kabhi chaand aur badal se, 
maana iss dil ko samajhne ke andaaz bahut hain.. 

Kabhi aankhon ke kajal mein, 
kabhi hathon ki lakeeron mein, 
kabhi mehke rangon mein, 
kabhi vadiyo ki dhund mein, 
haan iss dil ko behlaane ke andaaz bahut hain.. 

Kabhi yaadon ke dariye se, 
kabhi waadon ke sapno se, 
kabhi ulajhti saanso se, 
kabhi aadhi karvaton se, 
haan iss dil ko manaane ke andaaz bahut hain.. 

if only I could IMAGINE

If only I could imagine..

a boat without its oars,

a shower without its pores,

a rainbow without its blues,

a daffodil without its hues,

a purple without its ting,

a throne without its king,

a speed without a breaker,

a stock market without its broker,

an army without its cook,

a nerd without his book,

a tube-well without water,

a penny without a quarter,

a bear without its fur,

a slurry without its slur,

a shoe without lace,

a ballet without grace,

a sea without its green,

a toilet that is not clean!

Only if I could imagine all this,

I wouldn’t miss u so much.. 😉


Aaj bhi kayi dhunein

Beete dino ke taar chhed jaati hain

Ek muskurate se chehre pe

Ashkon ki nami chhod jaati hai

Tera naam lena bhi

Zaban ko bewafai sa lagta hai

Aur tujhe na dekh paana harjai sa lagta hai

Fir sochta hoon

Chand ki itni kshamta kahan

Ki surya ki roshni ko bardaash kar paae

Uska toh jeewan itna hi hai

Ki chaar peher chamke aur fir kahin chhup jaae…


I stopped.
I turned to look behind.
I thought… You wanted to say something.
What did I see?
You had already started walking away! 
Oh, my heart don’t cry,
There will be
another day, when you’d say
the things I wanted to hear…

Like a gleaming star,
I stopped, turned to look behind.
I knew I had to say something.
Or probably
You had something unsaid
that might
forever in my heart stay…
But no, it wasn’t destined,
or you dint want it to happen?

My mind asked my heart,
Is this person worth you?
who dint
bother to look behind
the misery of a lover,
bounded by the chains of separation;
Those tears, which were strolling down
the face, he had once adored..!
Why did this happen…
While I was thinking and asking these to myself,
I see,
you have already disappeared from vicinity.
Your essence, your ways, your everything
will still be in my heart!
a heart full of memories and
things unsaid..!