~ no more love ~

Grass was green
Sky was blue
Sun was shining high
but still there was
a heart not happy
looking up in the sky…

That maple leaf
was like his life
broken down from the tree
now no life;
now no joy;
now remains no glee…

Leaf was green once
it was very happy
but now it has turned brown
and that joyous heart
also with his loss of love
slowly-slowly drowns…

Why did it happen,
yells the innocent heart
who will answer me..?
Just like the leaf
flying across the sky
searching for another life, maybe…

But this leaf is
still unknown
what is coming ahead,
is it the garden,
full of roses or
is it thorns-full bed..?!?

For the leaf, journey has just
started; don’t end it like this
my dear!
But one may always think
what happened to the heart,
O dear lord, I fear..!!

With the course of time,
both found death
and thus ended their search,
now no-more the love remains,
and no tree
for the birds to perch..!!

Un silsilon ko …

Un silsilon ko yaad karna

Ab aadat sa ban gaya hai

Kabhi le aata hai muskan

Kabhi seene ko chhal gaya hai

Par fir bhi hoon na mai naraz

Kisi lamhe ke na hone se

Kyonki in haathon ki lakeeron ko likha

Hai upar waale ne apni syaahi se

Mit paaega na jo saare jatan se

Badal paaega na jo kisi wachan se

Gar tapasya ki shapth li jaae

Milega wo jo ho apne karam se