A – Z poetry : “W” (another entry)

World of My Own

Where the seas end in dying gasps,
where the sun splits into a whole half,
where the rain and soil they meet in glee,
is that from where it comes to me?

Where the end of sorrows is but a thought,
where a world of peace is now long lost,
where dark thoughts seep into deep deep depths,
is that from where it comes to me?

Where, into the deep caverns of the mountains of my heart,
where…will it lead me…I wonder…
Where now lies the hope within me…
poem…my poem…where life I see…

Where from do you come to me,
Where…through what…I beg to thee,
where is thy reside, thy long lost abode…
poem…my poem…where life I see…

my world

Guest post by Saunved Mutalik. See his blog here. Poems, Stories, thoughts, quotes – His blog is a collection you mush check out!

A – Z poetry : “U”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “U”



Until the morning comes

Until the light shines

Until the touch of your hand

Until the smile on your face

Until the smell touches me

Until the day is over 

Until we are together

Until the end of time

Until you tell me goodbye

Until I understand

Until I see the light

Until you say I love you

Until the the morning light 

Until the setting sun

Until there is no hope

Until we are through

Until my life leaves me

Until my dying breath

Until I hear your voice 

Until you lay beside me

Until I feel your body

Until I find you

Until you seek the light

Until I find what I lost

Until I take a walk 

Until the world ends

Until the moon glows

Until all is lost

Until we are uplifted

Until we sing again

Until Heaven opens 

Until our dreams come true

Until I can see no more

Until we lay in our grave

Until we meet in heaven

Until that day you will see

Until all the words are spoken 

Until you hear my voice

Until I say I love you

Until I cry no more

Until you come back to me

Until that day comes

Until everything is said

Until you love me

Until you hold me

Until you are mine

Until the day you come back to me

Until we love again

Until there is an answer

Until my love never ends

Until the end of time

Until is never done

Guest post by James.. See his blog here. His panache for writing is incredible.. A blogger since a past few months, but a poet since the age of 15… Do visit his blog and show appreciation!!

A – Z poetry : “R”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “R”

An open invitation for poets to attempt to write with Y and Z as muses.
Leave a comment in case you’re interested, I’ll contact you – don’t post the poem in the comments ;)


Reminiscing the days,

Remembering the one that got away.

Reason says, “It’s okay”,

Regretting is such a waste.


Remove yourself from yesterday,

Recognize your mistakes.

Recall it wont hurt you anyway,

Remind yourself of today.


Reality sinks in,

Rays of truth are blinding.

Radiates like the bright sun,

Revoking all evil.


Rebuild your life,

Restore your faith.

Reflect how you changed,

Rest assured that, you’re okay.

This is a guest post by Diana…you can see her blog here. Financial Advisor by day, an Artist by night, an Entrepreneur by heart, and a lover of Life – this beautiful, young and talented lady will you you off your feet with her words.


Door hai nazron se,
par ojhal na hona tum,
maana faasle hai darmiyan,
par hausle na honge kam!

Nazuk hai rishton ki dor,
par kamzor na hona tum,
jeetni hai abhi duniya hume,
bator ke apne sapne o humdum!

Hoga kismat mein jo likha,
sir jhuka ke maan lena tum,
aaj sookha hai shayad aasmaan yahan,
par kal garaj ke barsega sawan..

Ho taaron ka aashiyana,
ya kaanto ka aangan,
hai saansein jab tak,
na chhodna ye daaman!


I stopped.
I turned to look behind.
I thought… You wanted to say something.
What did I see?
You had already started walking away! 
Oh, my heart don’t cry,
There will be
another day, when you’d say
the things I wanted to hear…

Like a gleaming star,
I stopped, turned to look behind.
I knew I had to say something.
Or probably
You had something unsaid
that might
forever in my heart stay…
But no, it wasn’t destined,
or you dint want it to happen?

My mind asked my heart,
Is this person worth you?
who dint
bother to look behind
the misery of a lover,
bounded by the chains of separation;
Those tears, which were strolling down
the face, he had once adored..!
Why did this happen…
While I was thinking and asking these to myself,
I see,
you have already disappeared from vicinity.
Your essence, your ways, your everything
will still be in my heart!
a heart full of memories and
things unsaid..!

\ the journey called “Life” /

In the toughest times, you row your boat alone,

So just keep in mind my friend, it’s not even worth staying in a safe zone…

One day you’ll have to reach out to the horizons,

So just keep in mind my friend, you’ll have people to share your happiness then…

Maybe you’ll grow tough or probably you’ll be the same,

But keep in mind my friend; you always play alone in this game…

You hold that belief & faith in yourself,

Cuz keep in mind my friend, there’ll be enough problems sent…

One day you’ll be close to victory all alone,

But keep in mind my friend, the ego can lead to your doom…

Though, always keep your God in your heart,

But keep in mind my friend; you’ll also need friends near and far…

*city of blinding lights*

Take me to the city of blinding lights,

where fireworks are all around,

no time to look at one another,

loneliness is never found..

The lull of the heart wouldn’t be heard,

cuz no time to count the heartbeats,

or to think of the things that one hides,

the face that lies beneath..

Just walk on a crowded street,

with strangers around in a foreign land,

where no one is there to give a shoulder,

or comfort with a hold of hand..

Take me to the city of blinding lights,

tears in my eyes wouldn’t be found,

no past no future will stop me,

to just live in the present unbound..

Come back home..!


When the first tear drop,
rolled down my cheeks,
my face cried out to me…
Come back home..!

When the first big sob,
took away my breath,
my soul cried out to me…
Come back home..!

When the first heartache,
followed my first heart break,
my life cried out to me…
Come back home..!

When the first death,
ditched away my only life,
my sorrows cried out to me…
Come back home..!


~ no more love ~

Grass was green
Sky was blue
Sun was shining high
but still there was
a heart not happy
looking up in the sky…

That maple leaf
was like his life
broken down from the tree
now no life;
now no joy;
now remains no glee…

Leaf was green once
it was very happy
but now it has turned brown
and that joyous heart
also with his loss of love
slowly-slowly drowns…

Why did it happen,
yells the innocent heart
who will answer me..?
Just like the leaf
flying across the sky
searching for another life, maybe…

But this leaf is
still unknown
what is coming ahead,
is it the garden,
full of roses or
is it thorns-full bed..?!?

For the leaf, journey has just
started; don’t end it like this
my dear!
But one may always think
what happened to the heart,
O dear lord, I fear..!!

With the course of time,
both found death
and thus ended their search,
now no-more the love remains,
and no tree
for the birds to perch..!!