A – Z poetry : “M” (another one)

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “M”

An open invitation for poets to attempt to write with S, T, X, Y and Z as muses.
Leave a comment in case you’re interested, I’ll contact you – don’t post the poem in the comments 😉


Meager is the income that fills the stomach of four,

Miniatures in the busier world lying as the roadside dwellers,

Moonlight is the silken sheet they cover themselves with,

Many times wondering how lucky to be in the nature so clean!

Myriad dreams they rear everyday

“May the happiness of our souls never fade away”

Meandering on the path of life,

Meekly they wish for such a beautiful and simple sight!

metamorphosis 1

Means of income very limited,

Marginal are the desires nicely knitted,

Manifesting true courage of living

Mother of the two stands with her man unconditionally…

Metamorphosis of life brings on road ,the riches,

Momentary asset of stages vanish through the ages,

Moistened eyes with a smile inside,

Music of nature keeps them bright and alive …

metamorphosis 2

This is a guest post by an avid blogger Soumya. See her blog here. She is passionate about writing and takes up anything as a challenge! A look at her poetry and you’d know I ain’t wrong.

–the perfect gift–

The way you mend my heart

The way you wipe my tears

The way you always look in my eyes

And let me have no fears…

The way you hold me tight

The way you heal my soul

The way you take me in your arms

And make my happiness your goal..

Only if I could return those gestures

And forever be there to lift your spirits

I would feel blessed to be alive

And live this life as a beautiful gift…


Aaj duniya ke shor se parey chal
Ek ghar basa le hum tum
Jahan parchhai bhi na ho kisi dwesh ki
Aur khushiyaan baney humdum..
Fir us neele aasman par roz
Roshni chadte dekh uthein hum tum
Aur dheeme hawa ke jhokein
Ek dhun gaein sargam sargam…
Shaam ko fir taaron taley
Yaad karein us duniya ko hum tum
Jahan na hoti thi baarish ke paani mein mithas
Aur na barasta tha badal jham jham…
Ek aisi hi duniya chal buntey hain
Jahan juda na ho kabhi hum tum
Bas khwahishein palkon pe hon
Aur aankh kholein toh ho jaein sab sach ekdum..