Moving On…

move on

Time went on and
so did I
finally gloomy winds
said a good-bye..

The sun rose
and shined with glory
life started to write
yet another story..

The breeze promised me
that the waters will be calm
dreams went on
holding future in my palm..

I saw the moon
which gave me solace
and I walked ahead
to a bright new place..

moving on

A – Z poetry : “B”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “B”

Be calmer

And look after your health

Be at your best behavior

And do your best

Be confident

Don’t be afraid

Be like a soldier

Not relying on fate

Be self appreciating

Yet don’t loathe others

Be charming, yes,

But don’t become a foolish lover

Be at your guard

Don’t assume everyone to be your brother

Be good at studies

And also play sports

Don’t be part of ragging

And be a good host

Be smart at your work

Don’t you become a slogger

Be a gentleman

And do call your mother..

Son off to college


# mom-sending-son-off-to-college

~circle of life~

Kar chala tu yun alvida,

kabhi socha hai ki ab yahan kya hoga,

kitne hi ameer ho is duniya mein,

par aaj iss jag se gareeb koi na hoga..

Chala gaya yun nazrein fer ke,

iss dil ki halat tujhe kya pata,

kal tak bin matlab tu muskurata rehta tha,

aaj bin batae badal liya apne ghar ka pata..

Ja tujhe apni yadoon se aazad karti hoon,

mil jaae tujhe jannat wo nirali,

bhool na paaenga hum toh tujhe,

chahe tu pa le nayi zindagani..

# for two amazing people I lost last year- Oisik & Tauqeer!


Solitude walkingI’m losing touch of reality,

I’m dreaming on and on,

I don’t pause to wonder once,

When did I choose to be alone!


I walk with an empty mind,

And a sulking heart,

I packed my bags to go for a while,

Miles and miles afar!


As I walk down that lane,

I chose to go bare foot,

I wish not to be followed and disturbed,

As if someone would…

a silent place

I lay in the bed, now alone,

what we ever had, is now all gone,

the night is pacing away,

as you are racing away… 

I shut my eyes, now all wet,

miss those times, when we first met,

two strangers got on a ride,

knowing that they wont survive…

I count those days, now in the past,

when I was smiling, but that dint last,

cuz now you’re really far n far away,

and here on my bed, I silently lay…


I’m feeling silence I never experienced,

& it just leaves me so stoned,

As if my life is halted for a moment,

& time has finally called me disowned..

I am doing what I used to do,

but its meaning is now unclear,

even when I just lie on my bed,

I’m enveloped by my inner fear..

I can hear the bells ringing far away,

but not sure if the sound will persist,

just like I don’t if I’ll be able to live,

or my existence will soon cease to exist..

I close my eyes for the darkness to engulf me,

but my pacified mind takes no rest,

cuz even though I feel my heart is broken,

I can feel it beat in my chest..

…………..aa gaya

Tere bin saanso ko behlana aa gaya,

ab rote-rote pal mein aansu chhupana aa gaya..

Kabhi hasa karte the jin par hum,

ab toh dheere dheere unse kadam milana bhi aa gaya..

Na kar paae ishq tum humse,

ab humein bhi aapna pyaar chhupana aa gaya..

Kar le tu sitam chahe jitna,

gaeron ke saath dekh tumhe, ab muskurana bhi aa gaya..

Chahe kar tu sada hi inkar,

tere ikrar karne ka tareeka bhi samajh aa gaya..

Kari na yeh umeed, ki milenge dobara,

teri tasveer ko dekhkar sona bhi humein aa gaya.. 


Wait for the night, it’s still daylight..
I don’t want the world to see me cry..

It’s not a bright sun, are you gonna come?
Or should I just walk alone?

I’ve reached home, and I’m still alone,
Where did u go away?

I search for a sign, wanna assure your mine,
But all my dreams are drowning..

I wait past the dusk for you, but this anticipation seems new,
I wish I could dupe da time..

Tell me I ain’t pushed away, cuz I have nothing left to say,
What will I do without u..

I think I was tryna hold in sand, now when I open my hand,
Its empty and you are gone..

Happy we were once upon a time, but did I do some crime,
To wait for you till eternity?

Oh I’m tired of the games, my life always plays,
Now I’m gonna retire soon..

Hope I’ll see you again, meet you in a new game,
In another world and another life.. Good bye!

a heart not-so-strong

.          .          .          .          .          .

Why is there a heart-break
Why there is a pain
Why is it, whatever I do
Goes away in vain..

It seemed all fine
I felt happiness was mine
Then suddenly what happened
With little miss sunshine..

Dark clouds all around
Peace is no where to be found
In and out side of me, I see
Fake life on ground..

Tears dry away one day
this pain, too will fade away
and maybe then I can begin again
some place where there is no night or day..

.          .          .          .          .          .



Oh, why can’t I stop you,
Why can’t I make you wait,
Why is it that you walk so fast,
And everything else just feels abate..

I can’t turn you around,
Or make you listen to me for a while,
Although you have given me moments,
Which I cherish with a big smile!

I know your slipping outta my hands,
But I wanna live in this moment forever,
For you to some-day come back if u want,
Or never look at these pages of my life, ever!

# dedicated to ‘time’