A – Z poetry : “P” (another entry)


Phenomenal Paralympics

Paragons of courage,

Phenomenal was the stage,

Paralympics was the occasion,

Proud was every nation.

Pain had no place,

Pleasure on each face,

Participants with such high spirits,

Pleased audiences with full credits.

Performances like heroes,

Perception of the world was transformed,

Practicing sport like never before,

Praiseful waves stormed.

Paralympics instilled in every human being,

Prevailed only one feeling,

Pointless is the disability,

Precious is their ability to create

Provided with even such fate.

Pistorius is one such person,

Privileged I am to mention,

Persuaded his desire to be the best,

Placed was he above the rest.

Provided such immense inspiration,

Paradigm of champions at heart,

Priceless is their endless contribution.


This is a guest post by Khimya Khetarpal. See her blog here. A promising new blogger around WP, who wants to make this world a better place.

Galileo – The Goon (by my teenage brother)

As a dedication to my brother who turns 15 today, taking a break from A-Z, to publish a poem written by him recently..


Decades and decades ago,

In a country far, far away.

There lived a boy named Galileo,

Dead whose future lay.

Arithmetic, literature flew over his head,

Teaching sports was in vain.

He couldn’t differentiate art from scribbles,

What good was his brain?

Standing on a lonely bridge,

One day, he did discover-

That two stones reached the bottom at the same time,

Their mass may be whatever.

Galileo was puzzled,

His curiosity was aroused.

The incidence ignited a fire,

Too bright to be doused.

His answers opened the gates,

To a world that was new.

Once a bumbling boy,

Now rose to the ranks of the distinguished few.

After all, Galileo was talented,

He had a curious mind and a burning passion.

He questioned the world he saw,

Rather than accepting the old-fashioned.

So my fellow fools, I urge you all,

To question everything prevailing.

Follow the wise principle-

‘Stay foolish, Stay craving’


By Mr. Chirag Vashist

My dear brother who insisted I append a “Mr” before of his name 😀 😀