~Dream On~

Armano ki ladiyan jala gaya koi,
Chingaari ko aag bana gaya koi,
Hum kaise uski ahat pehchante,
Jab saanson mein toofan macha gaya ho koi..


Kisse kuchh khaas dil se bana gaya koi,
Nagmon mein saaz saja gaya koi,
Hum kaise karein un aahon ka bayan,
Jab labon se labz chura gaya ho koi..

A – Z poetry : “I”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “I”

An open invitation for poets to attempt to write with N, O, Q, V, X, and Z as muses.
Leave a comment in case you’re interested, I’ll contact you – don’t post the poem in the comments 😉

Ignorance is sometimes the best solution,
But don’t always be a slave to your intuition..
Instigate a fire in yourself,
Don’t fear the dogma of the institution..
Imagine an ideal world, free of imperfections,
Instill a belief, put every thought to action..
Inconsistency should vanish,
Bring your ideas to implementation..
Improvement should reflect in every iteration,
Ignite your minds, give your conscience an elevation..


This is a guest post by an occasional and moody writer Prateek. See his blog here. He is currently pursuing Masters in Electrical Engineering from University of Minnesota Twin Cities, United States.