A – Z poetry : “Z” another one!

Zest for Zenith

Zonked by the constant struggle,

Zapped the sheer liveliness out of my soul

Zing is all I wanted to smuggle.

Zoomed the difficulties,

Zigzag was the discovery

Zodiac was but filled with immense oppotunities.

Zesty to reach the summit,

Zero tolerance to failure

Zealous spirit gets full credit.

Reach out for the stars,

Zoop is what life might appear

Zags will try to leave some scars.

Zonal could be our view,

Zillions of hurdles on the way

Zest for zenith should never turn blue.



Guest post by Kimaya. See her blog here. Her blog on poetry can be found here.

A – Z poetry : “G”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “G”
# An open invitation for poets to attempt to write with Q, V, X, Y and Z as muses. Leave a comment in case you’re interested, I’ll contact you – don’t post the poem in the comments 😉


 Great will be the going when we walk with heads held  high,

Going through the woods dense,

Getting a bit scared for seconds,

Grasping the ends of the string of hope,

Glaciating  on the slimy path as after snow,

Gleaming like a morning star in the night dark,

Groping for the nectar in the course of life so hard!

Gazing onto the aim far off,

Gradually moving towards the horizon,

Golden sun where meets the earth humble,

Glass like, the flowing  stream appears

Glistened with sparkles of azure aura!

Glory to the Creator!

Graciously he sculptured,

Graffiti ! So enchanting on canvas of the Universe!

Galloping fast like a unicorn,

Gregorian chant echoes in the soul,

Gravitational force pulls strong towards the central core of essence

Grand is splendor of life,

God manifests everywhere!


This is a guest post by an avid blogger Soumya. See her blog here. This is what she says about herself –

Passion runs our life and infuses in us the enthusiasm needed. I am a poet by passion and I like to write about almost everything of life. The colors, the music and the divine flow inside.

I am optimistic by nature and love positivity. For me hope and faith can do wonders and I strongly believe  in it.

smitten !!

The way you make me smile, 

The way you wipe away my tears,

The way you sing me a song,

Which nobody wants to hear,


The way you tell your dreams,

The way you inspire me,

The way you talk about the future,

Which may or may not be,


The way you hide those hits,

The way you crack your jokes,

The way you think you could spend a day happily,

Ignoring the things that pokes,


The way you laugh out loud,

The way you whisper sometimes,

The way you flow in sync,

And trust those instincts of mine,


The way you pay attention,

The way you turn careless,

The way you work day and night,

For that every inch of success,


The way you turn things around,

The way you take your stand,

The way you keep patience and listen,

Or even shout or throw a glance,


The way you go extremes,

The way you keep control,

The way you guide a person,

Or a team of nerds as whole,


The way you makes wishes, smitten

The way you beg they cum true,

The way your voice lightens up,

When we think of me and you,


The way you define life,

The way you entered mine,

The way I can’t let you go,

Cuz time spent together is worth every dime…


# unforeseen

As days go by  

and scars go dry

There’s still healing to be done

for a somewhere someone

Who was hurt

By decision of others

And steps were taken

Which turn things around

Till peace was nowhere to be found

and yet the conscience

Blamed and flamed

Each day in da agony

Of what happened

And what further could have had

– But no force

Could control a withering heart

Enclosing a despise for all those

Who had laughed  

the whole while

when a soul stood there

Controlling its cries

For solace and

unearthed facts and pictures

Which might prove the


Of what happened that day

And what also could have happened if they

Took a step ahead

and miscalculated instead


That very memory
Still remains in my heart
One beautiful swing in front
Of my yard
Nights used to pass in the thought
of sneaking out…
Days were full of prayers
That dusk doesn’t fall..
All day long, one wish
Used to overcome other, 
the ability to run over to the Swing…

 It was never attractive
In appearance
But, yes, I had a
Personal attachment towards it..
I had seen many others,
Rode several others,
But this one had some special vibes,
special feeling I can’t define
I could never wait enough
For my turn to come…

That overwhelming joy,
That ecstasy, after sitting in..
It goes up & I felt like
Touching the sky,
achieving everything 
I desire- I really want..
Such enthusiasm, such inspiration,
What a feeling!!
Then it descends
Slowly and steadily,
In a similar pendulum motion
Just like life has ups & downs..
The sorrow, the bliss
*Just like LIFE!!!*
And this descend
Giving a hope of the heights,
A heart to accept both ups & downs
with the same feeling & wide arms!!

I wonder, that rope & log of wood
taught me so much in life for yrs to come!!!

# written 13 years ago!