A – Z poetry : “C”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “C”

Count your wishes

Can I sit and stand once more,

Cuddle my loved ones some more?

Could I just one more time,

Carry the little one of mine?

Can I blow a kiss to my jolly friends,

Can they stay beside me till the end?

Can I just live those precious moments once more,

Carefree enough and be so bold?

Can I take my charming youth with me?

Cuz without it, I’ll be my enemy.

Can I give up my earthly pleasures now?

(Please) Can I stay here and watch them some more somehow?

death wish



Kucch tasveerein deewaron pe nishan chhod jaati hain, 
Kucch lakeerein likhawat ka anuman ban jaati hain, 
Chahta toh har koi hai ret ko haathon mein pakadna, 
Par kucch fizaen hawa mein bas apna farmaan chhod jaati hain.. 

Kucch aanhe adhoore armaan chhod jaati hai,
Kucch baatein uljhe sawal chhod jaati hai,
Un lamho mein roye to bahut the hum,
Par unki yaadein ab sirf ek muskan chhod jaati hai !!

Kabhi kucch labz khwabon ka jaal tod jaate hain, 
Jo na bhar paae- aise zakhmon ke nishan chhod jaate hain, 
Hum maan bhi lein kismat ki lakeeron ko magar, 
Par kucch kisse iss fakir ko haal behaal chhod jaate hain..

Is is over yet?

is it over yet?

I feel closer to heaven..hope I’m not dying.. 

Even if I am, I’m smiling.. because your just besides..

With tears soaking me, I try to absorb so much love..

I know I wont get this feel again, not even in the heavens above…


What was dormant inside me is now evoked again..

I can smile and cry all at once, and it’s not a game..

I try to silent my sighs, but they wanna cry out to you..

Just say your name again and again and see nothing beyond you..


Oh that one glimpse of a tear, falling on the heart of clay..

Brings back the pains you took to say what you wanted to say..

The little red dots, I so wish, could be blood of mine..

Because what was mine for all those years has surrendered to a force divine…


# understanding loss of people- the loved ones, in wars

Indian Republic Day special

saluting the heroes


Hai salaam har us jazbe ko
Jeet kayi jisne dilwai hai
Seema par chhati taan khade hue
Jab jab mushkil aayi hai..

Na sard khawaon se jhuke ho tum
na registaan ki mitti ne tumhe jhukaya hai
Jab jab desh dagmagaya apni jadon se
Ye tiranga tumne ooncha lehraya hai

indian army2

Apni maa se ek fauji jawan ne
Jitna putra prem paaya hai
Usse kayi zyada bharat maa ko
Wohi prem bhav lautaya hai..

Na firk rahi tumhe aur kisi rishte ki
Is bandhan ko sabse uncha tumne maana hai
Diya lahu uss mitti ko
Jiski mamta ne paala posa aur sehlaya hai..

indian army

Dushaman se ladte ladte
Tumne laashon ka dher lagaya hai
Amar jyoti jali tumhare naam ki
Bacche bacche n tumhara kissa sunaya hai..

O desh pe mar mitne waalon
Tumhe na kisi ne bhulaya hai
Tumhari veer gati ne hi
Ye jhanda uncha lehraya hai
Ye jhanda uncha lehraya hai..

indian army3

~circle of life~

Kar chala tu yun alvida,

kabhi socha hai ki ab yahan kya hoga,

kitne hi ameer ho is duniya mein,

par aaj iss jag se gareeb koi na hoga..

Chala gaya yun nazrein fer ke,

iss dil ki halat tujhe kya pata,

kal tak bin matlab tu muskurata rehta tha,

aaj bin batae badal liya apne ghar ka pata..

Ja tujhe apni yadoon se aazad karti hoon,

mil jaae tujhe jannat wo nirali,

bhool na paaenga hum toh tujhe,

chahe tu pa le nayi zindagani..

# for two amazing people I lost last year- Oisik & Tauqeer!

*together forever*

If there is something called eternity

Keep me by your arms even after we’re past it..

If there is something called horizon

Take me on the boat with which your travelling towards it..

If there is something called a rebirth

Promise me you’ll meet me on the other side of this life too..

If there is something called perfect ending

Let that be a story we narrate to our next generation..

a silent place

I lay in the bed, now alone,

what we ever had, is now all gone,

the night is pacing away,

as you are racing away… 

I shut my eyes, now all wet,

miss those times, when we first met,

two strangers got on a ride,

knowing that they wont survive…

I count those days, now in the past,

when I was smiling, but that dint last,

cuz now you’re really far n far away,

and here on my bed, I silently lay…

in conversation with Almighty

And HE came 
That divine figure, I always
Wanted to see, wanted to touch, wanted to believe..
HE asked me, “What is your final wish, dear?”
I said, “Dearest God, send me to
Someone who’d hold my hand
when I’m sad,
who’d give me strength
when I’m disheartened,
make me smile
& forget all my worries,
& give me a hug that would engulf me..”
Almighty replied, “My child,
let go of your human  attributes, make just one wish..”
I whispered something to HIS ears..
What..even I can’t recall !!
Next day when I woke up from my sleep,
I was born to earth, to a
woman who held my hand
when I took a sob,
who gave me strength when
I opened my eyes to the unknown strangers & world,
gave me a smile
for she was much happier about my birth,
gave me a big hug
that I thanked God, I am reborn again
in the same warm arms..
She_ to me_is the most
Beautiful of all..
My Mother.. 
Again & again,  an overwhelming feeling
consumes my heart..
I can’t express enough.. I worship her..!!
So, when I end this journey- this birth again,
I would not take God’s much time
To describe that
Heavenly happiness but
Just whisper in His ears..
“Let me be born to the same mother again..!!!”