the social conversation

They said it won’t last
I said, Hey! Don’t judge so fast..

They said you both don’t look fine
I said, Honey! Looks will refine..

They said it’ll be tough to be together
I said, Don’t sweat, and let us bother..

They asked are you sure about this?
I said, Darling! Trust me on this..

They said your parents won’t approve
I said, our love will be a proof..

They said running away will be the only option
I said let us first reach to that question..

They said the bets have been placed
I said, then let’s not talk, just wait..

in conversation with Almighty

And HE came 
That divine figure, I always
Wanted to see, wanted to touch, wanted to believe..
HE asked me, “What is your final wish, dear?”
I said, “Dearest God, send me to
Someone who’d hold my hand
when I’m sad,
who’d give me strength
when I’m disheartened,
make me smile
& forget all my worries,
& give me a hug that would engulf me..”
Almighty replied, “My child,
let go of your human  attributes, make just one wish..”
I whispered something to HIS ears..
What..even I can’t recall !!
Next day when I woke up from my sleep,
I was born to earth, to a
woman who held my hand
when I took a sob,
who gave me strength when
I opened my eyes to the unknown strangers & world,
gave me a smile
for she was much happier about my birth,
gave me a big hug
that I thanked God, I am reborn again
in the same warm arms..
She_ to me_is the most
Beautiful of all..
My Mother.. 
Again & again,  an overwhelming feeling
consumes my heart..
I can’t express enough.. I worship her..!!
So, when I end this journey- this birth again,
I would not take God’s much time
To describe that
Heavenly happiness but
Just whisper in His ears..
“Let me be born to the same mother again..!!!”