Gar bhanwra hoon main
Pholon ki bahaar ho tum 

Agar lehrati sarson hoon main
Indra dev ki bauchhar ho tum

Gar ek geet hoon main
Mera mukhda, mera aalaap ho tum

Gar chanda hoon main
Chandni ka thehraav ho tum

Gar morpankh hoon main
Barkha ki ek dhaar ho tum

Gar rahi hoon main
Dariya ki tript aahar ho tum

Gar roshni main hoon
Surajmukhi ki lalkaar ho tum

Gar samay main hoon
Mujhe kheenchta har prayaas ho tum


smitten !!

The way you make me smile, 

The way you wipe away my tears,

The way you sing me a song,

Which nobody wants to hear,


The way you tell your dreams,

The way you inspire me,

The way you talk about the future,

Which may or may not be,


The way you hide those hits,

The way you crack your jokes,

The way you think you could spend a day happily,

Ignoring the things that pokes,


The way you laugh out loud,

The way you whisper sometimes,

The way you flow in sync,

And trust those instincts of mine,


The way you pay attention,

The way you turn careless,

The way you work day and night,

For that every inch of success,


The way you turn things around,

The way you take your stand,

The way you keep patience and listen,

Or even shout or throw a glance,


The way you go extremes,

The way you keep control,

The way you guide a person,

Or a team of nerds as whole,


The way you makes wishes, smitten

The way you beg they cum true,

The way your voice lightens up,

When we think of me and you,


The way you define life,

The way you entered mine,

The way I can’t let you go,

Cuz time spent together is worth every dime…