Moving On…

move on

Time went on and
so did I
finally gloomy winds
said a good-bye..

The sun rose
and shined with glory
life started to write
yet another story..

The breeze promised me
that the waters will be calm
dreams went on
holding future in my palm..

I saw the moon
which gave me solace
and I walked ahead
to a bright new place..

moving on

Shades of Emotions – 5


Na mandir ki aarti,
na mazjid ki dua,
na kisi ghaat ki
aandhiyo se ladta koi diya,
uss ek mashal ko bujhne se rok paae,
jo saanse ginta ginta,
kabhi kargil mein shahid hua…

mosaic 2

Na kami duaon mein thi,
na kaafir ki aanho mein thi,
bas galti ek ye hui ki,
maang li wo apsara,
jo kisi aur ki baahon mein thi..


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