Arranged Marriage

arranged marriage 1

I catch a look
In the mirror
One last time..
Even try
A subtle smile..
Wrapped in silk 
Which looked 
too blue..
And jewellery
Some old some new..
Half a dozen
In each hand..
Anklets seen
When I sit or stand..
I dab the last
Touch of 
My make up 
Arrange the tray of eatables
And pick up
I open the door
Of the living room
Slowly glide
Towards the
To be groom

arranged marriage 2

* Lajja *

Aaj phir wohi raat hogi,

fir unki chaahat ki baat hogi,

kitna rokenge iss dil ko hum,

jab unki chuppi mein bhi chhupi koi baat hogi..

Aaj phir wohi raat hogi,

aakhon mein dhali muskan hogi,

kab tak in labon ko rokenge hum,

jab har pal unki saanson se takrar hogi..

Aaj phir wohi raat hogi,

palkon mein bandhi kuchh baat hogi,

kab tak laaj ka parda rakh paaenge hum,

jab unki niyat hi kharab hogi..