Award Night!

After a very very very long time, I am updating this! A very sweet person included me in a list of Outstanding Blogger – See her blog here.

Another talented artist listed me for WordPress Family Award – Thank you Saunved, Sharon and Shilpi


A generous blogger Rachna nominated me for Hug Award, Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, Liebster Award and Dragon’s Loyalty Award.

hug-award1 wonderful-readership-award Liebster

A versatile college student gives away a Versatile Blogger Award to me : Pheonix Tears


Jason nominated me for an Interesting Blog Award!


Jane Johann gave away Super Sweet Blog Award..

super sweet blog award

God bless you all lovely bloggers!

A – Z poetry : “S”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “S”

An open invitation for poets to attempt to write with Y and Z as muses.
Leave a comment in case you’re interested, I’ll contact you – don’t post the poem in the comments ;)

Stop trading likes
Return the like
Not from the reader section
Be a gentleman
Spare women this rule
Errands and salon take away quite sometime

Go to the fellow blogger’s page and like
Now that you’re on the page and you’ve
Grow wise

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Written by Arjun Bagga. You can see his blog here. A man with a unique form and craft of writing poetry. A talented photographer. Must check out his blog!!

100th post

When I was told to start a blog in 2011, I had completely ignored that piece of advice, and my parents would agree I should have. As a favor and kick-start, a friend started my blog and published my then-most-recent poem as my first blog post:

I saw the blog, I saw the likes but nothing stirred inside me to go forward with it or write and publish more. Then a second poem was put up to inspire me.

I thought about it, nothing clicked. There was no time or will to sit and write a blog. And as a final effort to push me, this was published :

After these 3 initial kicks for inspiration and motivation, there was a radio silence for almost an year (nine months to be precise). Later in 2012 – after my first post was published, I decided, Okay WTH let me have a look at how this WP works.

I looked. I liked. I published.

Unluckily no one pressed a “LIKE” on this. Ever.

Same thing happened with my next post :

No like. No views.

I was wondering was was going wrong. I started looking around at blogs of others. Left a few comments on the poems which I liked. Then the next poem, which was close to my heart, finally got some attention.

I decided to buck up (coincidentally that was my next post) and yes, I got one more like and follow from last time. I got 4 likes. 😀

For next 9 posts…I had 1-2-3 likes. And then the tenth one broke all records and was liked by 7 people!!

My first double digit likes came from a post which I din’t expect from – 30 bloggers :

Next few posts again had a dry spell. hardly more than 5-6 people stumbled upon my blog.

But after  – I never saw a post with a single digit like!


Even now these poems are the only ones which remain with minimum clicks and hits :

– buck up ! –
a heart not-so-strong
~ no more love ~
a victory story
It goes on-n-on…


Since the blog began it has been viewed by 14000 people from the following countries :

    1. United States
    2. India
    3. United Kingdom
    4. Canada
    5. Australia
    6. Pakistan
    7. Philippines
    8. United Arab Emirates
    9. Singapore
    10. Qatar
    11. Belgium
    12. Netherlands
    13. Germany
    14. Indonesia
    15. Malaysia
    16. Kenya
    17. South Africa
    18. Egypt
    19. Italy
    20. France
    21. New Zealand
    22. Romania
    23. Sweden
    24. Thailand
    25. Mexico
    26. Brazil
    27. Saudi Arabia
    28. Nepal
    29. Nigeria
    30. Ireland
    31. Algeria
    32. Spain
    33. Kuwait
    34. Switzerland
    35. Bangladesh
    36. Morocco
    37. Norway
    38. Russian Federation
    39. Poland
    40. Denmark
    41. Greece
    42. Finland
    43. Turkey
    44. Viet Nam
    45. Austria
    46. Ukraine
    47. Serbia
    48. Sri Lanka
    49. Republic of Korea
    50. Hong Kong
    51. Mauritius
    52. Slovenia
    53. Portugal
    54. Lebanon
    55. Czech Republic
    56. Taiwan
    57. Jordan
    58. Albania
    59. Slovakia
    60. Costa Rica
    61. Israel
    62. Japan
    63. Zimbabwe
    64. Iraq
    65. Argentina
    66. Jamaica
    67. Tunisia
    68. Maldives
    69. Hungary
    70. Palestinian Territory, Occupied
    71. Oman
    72. Bulgaria
    73. Libya
    74. Lithuania
    75. Estonia
    76. Colombia
    77. Armenia
    78. Latvia
    79. Puerto Rico
    80. Azerbaijan
    81. Bahrain
    82. Ghana
    83. Georgia
    84. Croatia
    85. Yemen
    86. Trinidad and Tobago
    87. Malta
    88. Chile
    89. Mongolia
    90. Venezuela
    91. Luxembourg
    92. Guatemala
    93. Grenada
    94. Sudan
    95. Bahamas
    96. Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic
    97. Syrian Arab Republic
    98. Lesotho
    99. Bhutan
    100. Moldova
    101. Guam
    102. Isle of Man
    103. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    104. Bolivia
    105. Northern Mariana Islands
    106. Micronesia
    107. Panama
    108. Myanmar
    109. British Virgin Islands
    110. Rwanda
    111. Kazakhstan
    112. Ecuador
    113. Uganda
    114. Vanuatu
    115. Cambodia
    116. China
    117. Nicaragua
    118. Suriname
    119. Guyana
    120. Belarus

As of 2011, there are 195 independent sovereign states in the world, about 60 dependent areas, and five disputed territories – as listed by UN.

sakshi vashist

Which only means I have Miles to go before I sleep.

Miles to go before I sleep.

Leibster reminds me of Lobster

Blame my habit to write rhyming poetry and to still feel my nursery rhymes were amazing, but yes I think of a Lobster whenever I read Liebster.

Recently I read it when I got nominated for a Liebster Award by MJ. I love her only based on the fact that she is from Delhi 😉 Oh, I love Delhi-ites. I have actually written a post on it. If interested, this is the link to it <;

Coming back to the topic, check out my nomination and her blog here.  I kinda know nobody will click on it and read, but I still wanted to add the link 😉


Her questions to me <and other nominees> are :

1. Would you rather live on a beach or a desert?

I have lived in a desert, so would like the option now. 😉

2. Do you write at some fixed time during the day or whenever you can?

I write mostly at night (my internet is faster) but I usually schedule my post to be published around 9 am-12 pm IST. Although WordPress tells me, I am usually active around 12 pm.

3. What do you think is the key to a better world for our children?

I am positive thinker, but I really feel world cannot get better, there is no scope of turning around or re-winding. We just have to make the best of what is it our hands. There is no hope for a better world.

4. If you were given a choice of being part of a new world on a new planet would you accept and why?

Absolutely, would love it. Who doesn’t like a fresh start? But I would like to take my family along, nobody else.

5. What kind of writing do you enjoy reading?

I read a lot and I love it. Newspapers, journals, novels- fiction, non-fiction, poetry, autobiographies, even agony-aunt columns 😛

6. Do you remember the dreams you dream during the night? Do you document them?

I remember a few of them and I document them in the form of poetry, or generate a thought thinking process with it and write a post about it on my blog.

7. Describe yourself in one or two sentences.

Proving day-in-and-night-out that versatility is not an over-rated virtue.

8. When I say ‘India’ what is the first image that comes to your mind?

I picture my home, lots of colors and amazing food.


Now my turn to nominate people and ask them a few questions 😉

They all are totally different and unique sort of people and I would love to see their answers to the following question. (One request, please ping me and let me know when you accept the award and publish a post about it, I really would like to know your answers…)

1. Dreams or Fantasies? Why?

2. What would be the idea of a perfect gift for you?

3. The song you listen to most.

4. Define Life in 7 words.

5. Two famous personalities you admire and why.

6. Is 13 lucky or unlucky? 

7. What irritates you the most?

So bloggers, I hope you’re having a fabulous new year. May this 2013 bring prosperity in all your lives. God Bless.

A blessing to “Shine On”

My sincere thanks to Ganesh, an IT intellect, a fellow traveler, a superb blogger and a dedicated family guy.

To get a Shine On Award was a total surprise. Out-of-the-blue as they say it.

There were no rules told regarding this award (Phew!) and I ain’t sure how many people can I nominate and pass this on too.  Anyhow, my nomination is here. A perfect “happy-holidays” gift from this gentleman.


Out of respect and love for the following bloggers, I hereby nominate them for this award.

I hope you guys keep blogging *hugs* and Shine On 😉

nicknamed “sunshine” and receiving the “Sunshine Award” :D

Well, its different to be nicknamed “Sunshine” and an absolute different (overwhelming) feeling to be nominated for “Sunshine Award” for my blog.

I got this award on 12/12/12 😉 But owing to my hectic schedule, I decided to wait a while and accept this award a little later. So here we are today. Me and my another blog award!!!

Firstly, the rules and regulations-

1. Thank the nominator 

So thank you Arindam Saha for this honor. He won this award and decided to pass it on to me. You can check his blog out here.

 2. Add award logo 


 3. Answer the questions 

Comics or Fiction ?

Fiction- its more closer to reality than cartoons in comics.

Trekking or Swimming ?

Neither. I am asthmatic – climbing 25 stairs in a go is difficult for me- so trekking is out of question. And I don’t know how to swim- I tried, but the story as to why I dint succeed is a long one.

Sweet or spicy ?

Not too sweet, nor too spicy.

Sunset  or Sunrise?

Both. Its the beauty of nature that we have such scenic timings every freaking day.

Comedy or Classic?

Comedy. In this boring-dull-monotonous-daily life laughter adds up moments in our living.

Silence or Noisy?

Silence. Its any day better.

Winter or Summer ?


Mountain Sight  or Beach Sight ?


Cooking or cleaning ?

Cooking. Cooking. and Cooking again. Then maybe cleaning.

Chicken or Fish ?

I adore both of them. Chickens are cute the way they walk and run around. And fishes are just spectacular…they got fins 😀

Cheese or butter ?

BOTH. (Yummmmmm……..)

 4. Nominate them further 

* (this site is dedicated to creative poetry aimed at changing the world)

* (Realising the truth…)

* (thoughts, shadows, reflections)

* (One sees clearly only with the heart.The essential is invisible to the eye.)

Do spare a few minutes from your busy life and check these out.

My hearty congratulations to all. Enjoy. And HAPPY NEW YEAR.