Bucking Up…


The sheets
Those beliefs
A soul
In its own trance
Picks up its shadow 
Begins to dance

8 thoughts on “Bucking Up…

    • Glad you could drop by! It was because of your mail I got the motivation to pick up blogging again.. I lost touch with it with my MBA, but I really wanted to do better 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me!

  1. Hi Sakshi!
    I really like your poem here as it makes me think of all who try their hardest in Olympics & help to keep sports active in the world. They all do put their minds into these dances & creativeness. I do hope that what I wrote to you would sound very real. I am so happy to be able to make a life to all & hope you will read my posts from both my blogs which are http://lynnsblogs.wordpress.com & http://healthywaystolive.wordpress.com. You are a good friend!

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