A – Z poetry : “Z”

A long awaited – Z !

Zindagi mein kya hai kami,
kyun hai aankhon mein ye nami,
zara sii khushi,
zara sii hasi,
zara saa pyaar,
zara sii takraar,
bhar de zindagi mein bahaar
(What scarcity do we have in life, why are our eyes tearful, a little happiness, a little laughter, a little love, a little tiff, fills life with colours of spring)

Zamane ki ye zanzeere,
todd ke udd chale
hum jeene apni zindagi,
iss zamane ko chod chale
(We break these chains of the world to fly away,
To live our life… we leave the world behind)

zaya yuhi na karo ye zindagi
zakhmo ko pyaar se bhardo
zamin se jude raho aur
zabardast udaan bharo
zahir karo apni pehchaan
Jee bhar ke Jee lo ye ek kimati zindagi.
(Do not just waste this life
Heal the wounds with love
Be in touch with the ground
and soar high above
Manifest your identity
Live this precious life to the fullest)


About Guest Post writer : An avid dreamer and creative by nature. She has a good appetite for good food and lots of gossip. CA by profession but an Artist by heart. Reader by choice and writer by chance.. Meet the new and budding poetess Shruti

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