A – Z poetry : “X” – second entry!

I received a very one-of-a-kind entry for the alphabet we use not-so-often -> X

Dr Kate Maxwell, Postdoctoral Researcher in Multimodality and Cultural Change, University of Agder, Norway is the author/poet/creator of this. 

In her own words, “I’ve been working with graphics for a few years, but this is my first poem. I’ve had graphic compositions (music) published and performed. I was thinking about all the things I associated with the shape of the letter ‘x’ and it just kind of happened…”

Here is it… 

all about alphabet X, alphabet X


To know more about the graphic-y stuff she does, do drop by her blog. Alternatively, leave a response here!

9 thoughts on “A – Z poetry : “X” – second entry!

  1. here is one more to ‘X’ ,sorry just posted it here… coz it was instant..
    “Xerophyte, she had become,
    xeranthemum she was once,who glowed with radiance like a
    xenon lamp in the lives of the
    xenophobes ,living in the interiors of S.africa,
    Xhosans ,the original ones…

    X rayed as she through the thoughts
    X rated she discovered the aliens who had arrived,
    X chormosomes to destroy was the main motive to
    xylene ,was only an alibi to survive!”

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