Galileo – The Goon (by my teenage brother)

As a dedication to my brother who turns 15 today, taking a break from A-Z, to publish a poem written by him recently..


Decades and decades ago,

In a country far, far away.

There lived a boy named Galileo,

Dead whose future lay.

Arithmetic, literature flew over his head,

Teaching sports was in vain.

He couldn’t differentiate art from scribbles,

What good was his brain?

Standing on a lonely bridge,

One day, he did discover-

That two stones reached the bottom at the same time,

Their mass may be whatever.

Galileo was puzzled,

His curiosity was aroused.

The incidence ignited a fire,

Too bright to be doused.

His answers opened the gates,

To a world that was new.

Once a bumbling boy,

Now rose to the ranks of the distinguished few.

After all, Galileo was talented,

He had a curious mind and a burning passion.

He questioned the world he saw,

Rather than accepting the old-fashioned.

So my fellow fools, I urge you all,

To question everything prevailing.

Follow the wise principle-

‘Stay foolish, Stay craving’


By Mr. Chirag Vashist

My dear brother who insisted I append a “Mr” before of his name 😀 😀


25 thoughts on “Galileo – The Goon (by my teenage brother)

  1. Galileo Galilei.
    Even his name is poetic.
    Who made a greater contribution,
    to our world,
    then he?

    Tell your brother kudos.
    He is thinking and writing about important things.

  2. I find your brothers poem to be kind of funny and also thought provoking. A talent that many need to take on the great Galileo. Give your brother my best on a milestone in his life.

  3. congrats Chirag. It is thought-provoking and I don’t understand how we have stopped questioning things and prefer the status quo. I love people who constantly challenge things:)

  4. absolutely wonderful! His knack of knowing and exploring things gets reflected here in the words of his beautiful representation of Galileo’s thought process and work. Best wishes to him

  5. Sakshi…. please wish Mr. Chirag V a very happy birthday and tell him I love his poem. Perhaps he will be a great man one day and I will call him Dr. Chirag V…. god bless him, and god bless you, for being the loving older sis! 🙂

  6. At 15 – this much wisdom! – your brother is your immediate competitor in writing skills! Sakshi – be careful. My blessings to him! God bless your talented brother!

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