A – Z poetry : “C”

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “C”

Count your wishes

Can I sit and stand once more,

Cuddle my loved ones some more?

Could I just one more time,

Carry the little one of mine?

Can I blow a kiss to my jolly friends,

Can they stay beside me till the end?

Can I just live those precious moments once more,

Carefree enough and be so bold?

Can I take my charming youth with me?

Cuz without it, I’ll be my enemy.

Can I give up my earthly pleasures now?

(Please) Can I stay here and watch them some more somehow?

death wish

32 thoughts on “A – Z poetry : “C”

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  3. I love you easy style of expression. Words and thoughts seem to flow with ease. Great expression. Keep on with it so that we can all enjoy and appreciate such beautiful small moments of life.

      • I agree with you that sometimes our loved ones keep us on the edge all the time so that we must not stop progressing. But I believe in a positive and appreciative attitude which atleast perks me up and makes me to strive harder towards excellence. Outside people are most of the time better judges of our work since their judgement is unbiased. So I would say trust my judgement the most and keep your really beautiful easy flowing style. I love your style and so do others like me.

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