how it happened ..


Kucch labz humne kahe

Kuch labz tumne kahe

Aur unhi labzo ke darmiyaan

Kahin kho gaye mere dil o jaan


Kuch ishare humne diye

Kuch ishare tumne kiye

Aur unhi isharo se sharma ke

Hum apna dil tumhe de baithe

Kuch haya idhar bhi thi

Kuch haya udhar bhi thi

Par jab parda utha, us dil nasheen

Ki har ada pe hum mar mite


22 thoughts on “how it happened ..

  1. My translator would not give me the English version of what you wrote but I understand that it has to do with love. The photos are beautiful. The people in the photo is beautiful! So I can imagine that what you wrote reflects what is seen in the picture.

  2. My HIndi is minimal coz I learnt it through the movies as most of us do this part of the world. It’s a beautiful love poem but I couldn’t get some words like ‘haya’ and ‘nasheen’. Must be Urdu words. Could I have the translation of the two words at least?

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