Shades of Emotions – 5


Na mandir ki aarti,
na mazjid ki dua,
na kisi ghaat ki
aandhiyo se ladta koi diya,
uss ek mashal ko bujhne se rok paae,
jo saanse ginta ginta,
kabhi kargil mein shahid hua…

mosaic 2

Na kami duaon mein thi,
na kaafir ki aanho mein thi,
bas galti ek ye hui ki,
maang li wo apsara,
jo kisi aur ki baahon mein thi..


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20 thoughts on “Shades of Emotions – 5

  1. lovely mosaics. did you make them? what are their sizes and titles please? or if not by you, could you give the source of these incredible mosaics, please. thank you.

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