Is is over yet?

is it over yet?

I feel closer to heaven..hope I’m not dying.. 

Even if I am, I’m smiling.. because your just besides..

With tears soaking me, I try to absorb so much love..

I know I wont get this feel again, not even in the heavens above…


What was dormant inside me is now evoked again..

I can smile and cry all at once, and it’s not a game..

I try to silent my sighs, but they wanna cry out to you..

Just say your name again and again and see nothing beyond you..


Oh that one glimpse of a tear, falling on the heart of clay..

Brings back the pains you took to say what you wanted to say..

The little red dots, I so wish, could be blood of mine..

Because what was mine for all those years has surrendered to a force divine…


# understanding loss of people- the loved ones, in wars


24 thoughts on “Is is over yet?

  1. Thanks for liking the poem about the Monarch Butterfly Habitat n Shell Lake, WI, on my WordPress Blog. Your writing and heart material are inspired. Thank you for sharing your writing with world. Peace, Mary Ellen

    • It is, isn’t it..? Nobody mentioned “heart-wrenching” in their comments, but that was exactly how I felt while writing this… Glad I could communicate my feelings to you through this poem..

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