The walls
They scream to me
Let yourself free

The ceiling
It calls out to me
Fly high
Your limit is not da sky

The window
Lookout for me
An opportunity
To make a destiny

The door
Stays shut
Letting my imagination
Trust my blind gut

The floor
Reminds me
Think big
But stay low

19 thoughts on “Inspiration-all-around

  1. Well written πŸ™‚ Keen sense of observation.
    One gets what one looks for- nothing less , nothing more πŸ™‚ Keep it up

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  3. You always inspire, you always lift up, and in a very humble way, your heart shines in selfless humility, and you give of yourself and your heart always with your gift that blesses all who embrace delightfully your words…and I am one dear sister! Wonderful poem! God bless, and much love to you always!

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