~mY qUeStIoNs~


Hai agar roz suraj dharti se door utna hi

toh chaar peher raat ke andhere mein kyo,

kya roshni pe bhi saaya chha jaata hai kabhi kabhi..?

Hai gar mil jaana aakhir yamuna ko ganga mein

toh har ghaat ek teerth kyon nahi,

kya sheetalta ka bhi hai naap koi..?

Hai jab rishte naate sabhi chhoot jaane

toh kyo chhalta hai kisi ko koi,

kya pal bhar ki chain ki saanse ek tohfa nahi..?

Hai har muskurahat ki aahat mein gham ki parchhai

toh kyo siskiyon ki aahat mein khushi ki sargam nahi,

kya khushi aur gham ek sikke ke hi do pehlu nahi..?

Hai gar pyaar ka jazba beintehaan

toh ho jaati hai aankhein nam kyon,

aashiqui ashkon se na seenchi jaae- kya ye mumkin nahi..?



18 thoughts on “~mY qUeStIoNs~

    • Well, the least I can do is give you a rough translation of this poem.

      If earth is equally far away from sun everyday
      Why do we have a few hours of darkness?
      Does it mean darkness wins at times?

      If waters of Yamuna (a holy river in India) has to meet Ganga (another holy river) finally
      Why isn’t every river side a place of pilgrimage?
      If its the same water, how do we decide what is Holy and what not?

      If all relationships and human bonds will be broken in the end
      Why do people cheat each other?
      Isn’t a few moments of life, not a gift?

      If the cycle of happiness and sadness prevails life long,
      Why do we feel more sad about sadness and not see a silver lining?
      Aren’t these two emotions the two sides of the same coin?

      If you really deeply love someone,
      Then why does love hurt?
      Is it not possible to let the relationship grow without making sacrifices?

  1. Sheer genius ! Loved every single line of yours.
    You heard of those poem self-hosting sites ? Posting there will get you more readers, if you like that…
    PS- I do not know how, but I am getting unsubscribed from your blog automatically. You are doing that or its just my browser playing games ?

    • I don’t think I can unsubscribe someone from my own blog. Not sure if that feature is available in WP πŸ˜› Plus I ain’t demented πŸ˜‰

      And thank you so much for your generous compliments, will definitely think about self-hosting sites. Wonderful idea…

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