How much I miss MOM !!!

More red than the roses, mom

more yellow than the sunny days,

more blue than the corals,

or green of the orchids..

More silver than the moon light,

more black than the coal mines,

more pink than all the cherries,

more purple than the dried berries..

More golden than the sunshine,

more brown than the dark soil,

more white than the milky treat,

or the orange of the orange feast..

More than the colors of rainbow,

I missed you O mother of mine,

It was foggy n cloudy,

without you my silver line..



30 thoughts on “How much I miss MOM !!!

  1. Sakshi, you words always bring a joy that is so longasting…and your poem performs that way so marvelously! The loveliness of your poem and the message within makes me sigh…it is very good!

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