~ I ~

I, me, myself

I haven’t always been so pretty

I haven’t been so confident either

I have had issues with my family & friends

I have been a fighter

But I
I dont know how to betray you

And I
I dont know how to keep my promises

Oh I
I cant foresee future

So I
I cant accept or deny

21 thoughts on “~ I ~

  1. I love the form on this TREMENDOUSLY! Why? The “I”…very powerful structure with it set aside like this…and if you want a real kick in the pants, come read my poem: Addiction (it’s in the sidebar of favorites at my site) because i think you will be amazed how our minds met long before actually meeting in the blogosphere. (I know I am!) So it must be true: great minds really DO think alike. 🙂

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