the social conversation

They said it won’t last
I said, Hey! Don’t judge so fast..

They said you both don’t look fine
I said, Honey! Looks will refine..

They said it’ll be tough to be together
I said, Don’t sweat, and let us bother..

They asked are you sure about this?
I said, Darling! Trust me on this..

They said your parents won’t approve
I said, our love will be a proof..

They said running away will be the only option
I said let us first reach to that question..

They said the bets have been placed
I said, then let’s not talk, just wait..


14 thoughts on “the social conversation

  1. And let the spirit of love do the rest, Your poems reminded me of how blessed it is when two become one! Heres one i wrote in 2011, your words reminded me of this:

    “So Heavenly”

    When two lives become one together
    As two hearts blend and beat as one
    When God does smile upon you both
    You will be blessed with a sweet outcome

    When your minds do blissfully meld together
    So when apart you still are one
    You have made yourselves much stronger
    making the spirit of true love to come

    May the blessings of God daily surround you
    And His eternal love always be so near
    May your love overcome any and all obstacles
    As the Lord takes away all your earthly fears

    And you both will truly set a fine example
    For those all around you each day to see
    The bliss that is born when two marry in God
    As it makes a blessed union so heavenly.

    By Wendell A. Brown,
    A wedding poem
    Copyrighted 4/2/2011

    And a second one to bless your evening as you have blessed mine with the love you share with the one you love,


    Can anyone touch the new essence,
    Born in the early morning sun?
    Can anyone come between two young loves,
    When they live and breathe as one?

    Can anyone make a star fall from the sky,
    Or sprout wings like a bird and fly?
    Can anyone receive the gift of another’s affection,
    And if in love with them question why?

    For when two hearts become one together,
    And their lives become so intertwined.
    As two golden ropes sewn tightly together,
    By heavenly grace they will remained combined.

    By Wendell A. Brown
    2010, Google Image credit,

    God bless you both!

    • Thank you so much for sharing these incredible words with me. I could relate to each and every line you wrote there, its amazing how the feeling of love is so unique for everyone, yet so universal.

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