*together forever*

If there is something called eternity

Keep me by your arms even after we’re past it..

If there is something called horizon

Take me on the boat with which your travelling towards it..

If there is something called a rebirth

Promise me you’ll meet me on the other side of this life too..

If there is something called perfect ending

Let that be a story we narrate to our next generation..


45 thoughts on “*together forever*

  1. So very beautifuly a poem, Sakshi. You deserve an applause. The amount of an ecstatic pleasure you have highlighted in your poem just reminds me of what Robert Browning said on his ‘Last ride together’ while remeeting his love Elizabeth Barret. It is like this: ‘,,,the moment made eternity’, adding further out of joy ‘…who knows the world may end tonight’.

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  3. what an unusual and beautifully expressive way to express the oldest of sentiments: love and longing. Sometimes, when I read a poem, I think: it could not be said another way–and that’s how this poem reads to me. So unique!

  4. What a well-written poem! I love the hope and promise of the last line. Too often stories are told after death. To be able to live and love and share that story is a beautiful dream!

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  6. Very nicely written. Just one small typo (you’re), it’s not a big deal since the emotions are coming out beautifully! Loved it!

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