~mujra style~

Jhuki nazron se hum 

Tere aane ka salaam padhte hain

Dekhte hain palkein uthake

Toh tere deedar ka paigam padhte hain

Koshish na kar bhari mehfil mein  

Nazrein churaane ki tu

Ki tujhe dhoondhna sau chehron mein

Yehi toh hum kaam karte hain

Zara ek pal ko tham ke

Sun le is aashiq begaane ko

Ki tujhe do labz kehne ke liye

Hum zamane mein khud ko badnaam karte hain


8 thoughts on “~mujra style~

  1. Just beautiful, Sakshi. Why don’t you try writing in Hindi or Urdu itself. WordPress, I think, permits it. If you prefer to do this way, your work will look more original and appealing. This is simply a suggestion.

  2. “Dekhte hain palkein uthake”
    This is my favorite and most intense line.
    Thank you Sakshi, for sharing your poems with us. More than anything else, the thought process comes out beautifully well in your poems.

  3. Solid -solid.
    Hoon mai bhi isi aas me barson se,
    Khud ko bhi badnam karte hain.
    De do izazat apne banho ko,
    Agosh me le le ,is parwane ko.

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